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Liberal Legal Scholar: Obama’s Shifting of Power Is Very Dangerous

February 12, 2014
By Sara Noble


Dr. Jonathan Turley

Dr. Jonathan Turley appeared on The Kelly File Wednesday evening. He is a legal scholar and constitutional expert. He said the Framers would be horrified by what is going on because everything they did was to create balance between the branches of government and we’ve lost it. Dr. Turley said it’s quite serious.

The framers gave stability and balance to our government to avoid the concentration of power in any one branch which protects us from authoritarianism, from excessive power in the hands of one person. The president is fundamentally shifting power in this system and this shifting of power is very dangerous.

It is a cult of personality for many people on the left that allows this to continue.

The president is claiming the right to avert, rewrite, ignore federal laws and the Congress, particularly Democrats, are ignoring what is going on.

The president’s State of the Union asserted unilateralism and some people see this as empowering.

Jonathan Turley says the answer to rectifying this lies in the courts but he sees the court as adopting avoidance policies.

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