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Another day, another incumbent democrat criticizing Obamacare
« on: February 13, 2014, 05:40:41 AM »
Another Day, Another Incumbent Democrat Criticizing Obamacare 

Caroline Schaeffer  Caroline Schaeffer
On February 13, 2014

Miami-area Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia must be feeling the pressure with a campaign ad like this. No longer anecdotal, this ad is evidence of a full-blown trend, one which the National Democratic Party and the Administration must find disturbing.

Attempting to win over anti-Obama(care) voters, the narrator slams the President’s policies, saying Garcia “took the White House to task.” Though it doesn’t come right out and say that Obamacare is flawed, he acknowledges it by saying that he is working to fix the program.

President Obama has grown toxic for incumbent Democrats. Funny, considering many rode his coattails into office. Senators up for reelection won’t campaign with him. Heck, even Senators not up for reelection say they wouldn’t campaign with him.

While Garcia might hope that voting for the stop-gap legislation to let people keep their existing health plan will keep some voters in his corner, he should know better. Anyway, that legislation was made invalid by his party leader’s executive order.

I appreciate that Garcia is self-aware enough to realize that Obamacare is not a winnable election strategy. This shows he has some common sense. I can’t say the same for all his colleagues. But it’s a little too late for a politically-motivated change of heart.

Representative, your Democratic Party made the bed. Uncomfortable? You don’t say!
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