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So the difference at the end of the day is, what, precisely?

Ironic, isn't it? I guess the difference counselor goes to motive. "Euthanizing" is noble. A more highfalutin way to kill than to abandon to the elements.

Not to worry though about this particular dog.  Unlike the thousands of stray and abandoned pets that will be killed anonymously in city shelters, this chow is a celebrity. I'm sure the Mayor's Alliance for New York City's homeless pets will step in to rescue him and help find him a good home.

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I am not going to judge the guy just yet - though the temptation is there.

We have no idea why he abandoned the dog. Maybe he's homeless. Maybe he is seriously ill and can't take care of the dog any more. Maybe he has to move into a "No Pets" apartment. Maybe he stole the dog and now feels remorse.

Spending 5 minutes finding a no kill shelter would have been a far better option than tying the dog up outside an animal hospital, but maybe he's also not that bright or wasn't thinking straight.

I still want to spend 10 minutes alone with him though. 5 minutes to find out why, 5 minutes to deal the appropriate punishment.
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