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NAACP Moral Marchers: Tea Party is Racist, But We Don't Know Why 

Caleb Howe | On 11, Feb 2014
In North Carolina this weekend, activists held a ‘Moral March” in Raleigh to protest Republican legislation in the state. Among their grievances were voter identification laws, black conservatives in general, and lack of support for the Democrats’ social agenda.

The leader of the march was Reverend William Barber, recently of note for controversial comments about Congressman Tim Scott, whom he referred to as a ventriloquist’s dummy. Fox News contributor David Webb was on scene and brought back very revealing video of the protesters and their leadership.

In addition to directly confronting the Reverend, Webb engages with marchers on the topic of the tea party and whether they are racist. He also asks marchers if the President has failed the black community, considering the economy, the increase in the income gap and other factors. The answers are what you would expect from MAACP activists. Short on information, long on opinion. Note the laughter when the mere suggestion of apologizing to Congressman Scott is made.

“It’s their reaction to us having a black President” was one of the more telling replies to Webb. In left-wing activists circles, t is considered to be self-evidently racist to publicly oppose the President’s agenda. Even question him in an interview, as Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly did on Super Bowl Sunday, is considered disrespectful and fueled by latent racism. Evidence, as seen in the video, is not required. It is taken for granted that not supporting Democrats and in particular President Obama is, in the main, a racist position. Just like voter identification laws.

There is no apparent recognition of the irony that those who wished to participate in the march were required to bring photo identification. Do as we say, not as we do.
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