Author Topic: Nazi Pelosi ruthlessly mocked by Jesse Waters, fellow lawmakers, for ducking O'Reilly interview  (Read 167 times)

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Nancy Pelosi ruthlessly mocked by Jesse Watters, fellow lawmakers for ducking O’Reilly interview

Posted By Brendan Bordelon On 11:13 PM 02/10/2014 In | No Comments

Nancy Pelosi better watch what she says during her next “social conversation,” after her refusal to honor an interview agreement with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly earned her a thoroughly-hilarious dressing down from Jesse Watters and several of her esteemed congressional colleagues.

Watters — known and feared as Bill O’Reilly’s microphone hit man with a penchant for crappy old movie clips — entered the hallowed halls of Congress last week to try and convince the Democratic minority leader to appear on “The Factor,” as she had apparently agreed. But first, he spoke to a few of the San Francisco congresswoman’s fellow lawmakers.

“There’s no reason why the queen of San Francisco couldn’t do an interview with Bill O’Reilly,” Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King grinned, while West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin earnestly “[swore] to goodness, it’ll be the best experience of her life!” And Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul cracked,”I would send it in writing . . . maybe a couple thousand pages.”

Many Democrats, understandably, were less reluctant to opine. “I don’t have any advice for Ms. Pelosi,” said Georgia Democrat John Lewis, appearing terrified.  ”I have to look after myself.” Democrats like New York’s Chuck Schumer and Al Franken of Minnesota wouldn’t stop to talk to Watters at all.

And Pelosi’s response herself? “Yeah but, I already did Greta [van Susteren]!” she said triumphantly. “I already did Greta!” But when Watters asked if she would be “honoring her commitment,” she got defensive.

“What I didn’t make any commitment to him, we were having a social conversation in — in fact we were at the White House,” she blurted out. “First time I ever saw him — cause I never see him on TV.”

“I was not pleased with the disrespect that he showed to the president,” she added, “so that wasn’t, like, a warm-upper.” What disrespect? “Well, it speaks for itself.”

Watters — clearly quite pleased with himself — broke down the experience later for O’Reilly. “So I think everybody’s having a good laugh about this on Capitol Hill, right?” the host asked. “I think so,” Watters responded, “and I think the general consensus is she’s not going to do the interview, especially after tonight.”

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