Author Topic: Democrat's bold defense of ObamaCare job-killer: nobody really wants a job promotion anyway...  (Read 173 times)

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Democrat's Bold Defense of ObamaCare Job-Killer: Nobody Really Wants a Job Promotion, Anyway... 

Caroline Schaeffer  Caroline Schaeffer
On February 7, 2014

“You have to laugh to keep from crying,” she says. Congresswoman, that’s where our agreements begin and end. Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin gives a baffling explanation of how the CBO Report translates to good news.

Well, perhaps not so baffling given the country’s dire economic situation. MSNBC reporter Craign Melvin asks Moore about how lawmakers have said that Obamacare will be a disincentive to work hard. She gives a facepalm-worthy answer:

I mean, come on. Knock it off. I mean, you can say that people don’t want a promotion because if they make more money, they’ll have to pay more taxes.

Actually, no, Congresswoman, you can’t say that. Being placed into a higher tax bracket because you earn more money will not actually cause you to lose money. You’ll still have more money than you did before – well, unless you have to pay more for ObamaCare.

Overlooking that Moore’s number of 10 million covered by ObamaCare was scratched out on a cocktail napkin before the show (no, Medicaid doesn’t count), the Democrats have ceased fighting the reality that ObamaCare will kill jobs. They are actually touting the law as another massive welfare program, which offers Americans the chance to get ahead – at others’ expense.

Forget job promotions, forget hard work. With Democrats, it’s no longer unemployment, it’s funemployment. The party is confirming every accusation made against it for years: that the Democrats are buying votes with the hard-earned money of taxpayers. It is subsidizing idleness, and lowering productivity – which hurts the economy, and in the long-run, poor people.
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You wouldn't believe how many people have this idiotic idea.

I've had a few employees refuse to work overtime because they'd pay more taxes. 

And the one that really turns my stomach....had one employee who didn't want an increase in wages because he'd have to pay more child support.

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