Author Topic: Fox News Hires Clinton Strategist James Carville  (Read 220 times)

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Fox News Hires Clinton Strategist James Carville
« on: February 07, 2014, 03:36:18 PM »
Hey Libs!!

Fox News Hires Clinton Strategist James Carville

(sticky please) :silly:

It would certainly help in cutting down on the posts that liberals make in .. 'whining' about Fox News .. if only the mods would make This a 'sticky'!

I hear this all the time .. "Fox News is for the Right Wing Nuts" or .. "Fox News is the 'unfair' and 'unbalanced' for the 'unbalanced"!

Since I stopped watching and relying on Fox Snooze when Shep Smith became the stations 'mascot', I decided to take another look so as to respond to all of the 'lefties' and their 'outdated' rants about .. 'Fox Snooze'!

The following is a simple summary and reply to all of those that continue to believe that Fox is the ambassador for the Right Wing among us!

IF you had been paying attention .. Fox went liberal long ago and they continue to do so.

The Major problem that the Leftists/Liberals face when criticizing Fox is .. There's a Lot of Leftists/Liberals .. On Fox!

 Some are on 'A Lot' .. others .. Not as much or as often!

 But the fact is .. They get the air time!

 I don't 'think' that I have to give an in-depth resume' for each of the following .. You know who they are.

Most of you 'lefties' should be 'ecstatic' over the latest hire!

 Now, just off the top of my head .. I will name a few:

Juan williams

Bob Beckel

 Why is Beckel — a true-blue Democrat who worked for Robert F. Kennedy and ran Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign — giving comfort to the enemy?

In Beckel's own words:
“I talk to more persuadable voters in a month than anybody on MSNBC and CNN talks to in a year.”

Geraldo Rivera

Kirsten Powers

Alan Colmes

Susan Estrich

Marc Lamont Hill

Al less than Sharptoon (Al Sharpton to you liberals)

Doug Schoen (Democratic pollster)

Shep Smith

Lanny Davis: former White House counsel for Bill Clinton

Tamara Holder

Sally Kohn Below is a 'review' from a liberal site:

Before I launch into the segment itself, I want to note that I found it interesting that Fox News has brought on someone who isn't a liberal in name only as a contributor. Kohn's background is not the usual Fox News centrist Conservadem fare: she's got ties to the OWS movement, she has strong organizing credentials, and she's decidedly liberal.

And last but 'certainly' not least:

Santita Jackson

 Daughter of Race Baiter 'extraordinaire' .. Jesse Jackson who is no stranger to Fox either!

 The new Fox News contributor lists the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., as being among her personal “activities and interests” on her Facebook page.

 Equally significant, Jackson’s bio describes her as a founding contributor to The Grio, a website dedicated to black news and opinion owned by MSNBC and which is produced in cooperation with NBC News. She lists The Grio as being among her other activities and links to a description of the site.

 Hence, Fox News is sharing personnel with a rival network, another indication of the channel’s move to the left.

 As I said .. These are but a few of the one's that come to mind and there are more (many more) but .. You get the idea .. don't you!?

 Now it's time for the liberal/communists to come out with their 'unbiased' list of news programs!
 (Good luck with that)

Well .. I've had to update the list since Fox has now added another loon to their 'contributers' .. James Carville!


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