Author Topic: Journalist on CBO Report: 'There Might Simply be Some Value in Lower Economic Growth'  (Read 191 times)

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This quote might be your winner in the "preposterous CBO spin" sweepstakes. The New York Times describing Obamacare as "freeing" millions from the "trap" of full-time work is a top contender, too, but analyzing the "value" in lower economic growth -- in the midst of a very slow recovery, no less -- probably takes the cake. I give you US News and World Report's Danielle Kurtzleben:

What the truth might be, and what few politicians would dare say, is there might simply be some value in lower economic growth.

New Democratic campaign slogan, anyone? That jewel comes via Mediaite's Noah Rothman, who rounds up the most pathetic examples of hackery elicited by CBO's economic report that dropped with a sonic boom on Capitol Hill earlier this week. The nonpartisan analysis determined that the "Affordable" Care Act will cause 2.3 million full-time workers to exit the US workforce within the next five years, will hamper job creation, and will slow down economic growth over the coming decade. According to the delusional Left, greeting this news with anything other than rapturous applause is the height of right-wing dishonesty -- and quite possibly racism. Here's what they're essentially reduced to arguing:
Guy Benson  @guypbenson 
Obamacare: Because America has too many people working full time, dammit.

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More of the article at link:

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We could start by adding this so-called journalist to the unemployed.

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