Author Topic: New court documents reveal final moments of border agent Brian Terry’s life  (Read 213 times)

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ocuments show that on Dec. 14, 2010, Terry's team was on a hill above a ravine. A ground sensor went off alerting them to the approaching smugglers. When agents yelled "police" in Spanish, the smugglers turned and fired. According to the documents, this happened at 11:08 p.m. Just 52 minutes later, Terry would have been relieved by a second BORTAC team and gone home for Christmas.

"I saw some members of the group point their weapons at us," Agent Gabriel Fragoza declared to the court. "Agent Castano and I deployed less lethal bean bag rounds as the individuals began to shoot at us. I saw muzzle flashes coming from the individuals, then heard Agent Terry say 'I'm hit! I'm hit! I can't feel my legs'."

Agent William Castano gave a similar account, saying, "I heard shooting which was coming from the wash. I heard Agent Terry say 'I'm hit.' I went to Agent Terry to administer first aid. At this time, he said, 'I can't feel my legs. I'm paralyzed.' Agent Terry soon lost consciousness and died at the scene."

Robert Heyer, Terry's cousin, told Fox News that few details have been released from that day.

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Next week the special program Beck has on The Blaze is going to do a one-hour expose on Fast and Furious.  I didn't catch who is doing it, but my guess would be Sarah Carter since she has been all over F&F from the start.
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