Author Topic: Elizabeth Hurley denies 'ludicrously silly' claims she had year-long affair with Bill Clinton after he flew her on private jet to the White House  (Read 412 times)

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A recording of Hurley's alleged ex boyfriend Tom Sizemore making the extraordinary claim that he connected the President with model
She has vehemently denied the allegations
At the time of the first unlikely tryst, Hurley was dating Hugh Grant
Sizemore was at the White House for a screening of his movie Saving Private Ryan in 1998 when Clinton allegedly asked for her number
'Give it to me... I'm the Commander-in-Chief!' Clinton reportedly said
Clinton's spokesperson previously confirmed that he and Hurley spent time together in 2001, and were also pictured together in 2005
Sizemore has had drug and alcohol issues in the past and was recently photographed 'smoking crystal meth'

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yah....who has less credibility in this: Sizemore, Klintoon or Hurley??

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that was a quick denial.  she was possibly on the potty when that one crossed those delicious little ears!
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yah....who has less credibility in this: Sizemore, Klintoon or Hurley??

Sizemore in this case... the guy is pure scum.

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None of them have much credibility so just take your pick with who to believe. Bill Clinton was a drunk and a womanizer with or without their permission,Sizemore a druggie and Hurley a once girlfriend to Hugh Grant who during their romance used prostitutes.

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Hurley:  Whaddaya want me to do and/or say?

Hillary: Just follow my example on Benghazi.

Hurley:  You want me to kill your husband?
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