Author Topic: Former Democrat Operative Helped Prepare Mark Zuckerberg's Amnesty Pitch to GOP  (Read 204 times)

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Former Democrat Operative Helped Prepare Mark Zuckerberg's Amnesty Pitch to GOP

by Matthew Boyle 4 Feb 2014, 2:35 PM PDT, the pro-amnesty brainchild of Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, made a big splash at the House GOP retreat last week in Cambridge, Maryland, with a packet distributed to every lawmaker touting the benefits of a big, comprehensive reform bill.

However, the Republicans who received the document might be interested to learn that one of its co-authors is a hardened Democratic party operative.

According to the file properties of a near-final version of the Microsoft Word version of the document obtained by Breitbart News, staffer Jennifer Martin was at one point the last person to modify it.

Martin is a “field coordinator” at Zuckerberg’s lobbying group, according to her LinkedIn page.

Prior to coming to in July 2013, Martin had a long history of working for Democrats on Capitol Hill to help get Democrats elected to Congress.

From September until November in 2008, Martin worked on the campaign of Democrat Alice Kryzan in New York’s 26th Congressional district. From February 2009 until May 2009, she was the regional field director for now former Democratic Rep. Scott Murphy’s bid for Congress in the special election to fill the seat Kirsten Gillibrand left open when she was appointed to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. After Murphy won the special election, Martin became an organizer for the Fairfax County, Virginia, Democratic Party, for about five months, before signing on to be the deputy campaign manager for Murphy’s re-election bid and serving as his outreach director in his congressional office. Later, Martin worked for Rep. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) in her congressional office for about two years before joining

The document attempts to make the case to House Republicans that they should support amnesty and a massive increase in legal immigration, including more cheap tech labor for Zuckerberg’s Facebook. It uses data and information from left-wing groups like the Center for American Progress (CAP) and from President Barack Obama’s White House. It also suggests groups fighting against amnesty, like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), are racist.

The packet was also distributed to House Democrats. officials specifically touted that it had been given to GOP members ahead of the retreat, and after the retreat, they launched a significant advertisement campaign to sell the GOP leadership's immigration “principles.”
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