Author Topic: Inhofe: Why Were 1,800 Veterans' Records Destroyed, Purposely Misplaced?  (Read 298 times)

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Following news that at least 1,800 personnel records for veterans were destroyed or purposely misplaced at the Nation Personnel Records Center (NPRC), U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) sent a letter today to NPRC Director Scott Levins seeking an explanation on how this could have occurred and what steps are being taken to prevent another incident.

The NPRC is located in St. Louis County, Missouri, and is an agency of the National Archives and Records Administration. According to the NPRC website, the center holds historical military personnel records of nearly 100 million veterans as well as all inactive federal personnel records, both military and civilian. Many of these records include individuals' social security numbers. Inhofe's office regularly works with the NPRC for all Army and USAF records as well as certain Navy records when helping to resolve a casework need for a veteran.

According to a Stars and Stripe articles on Jan. 30, roughly 1,800 records are known to have been destroyed or purposefully misplaced, but the total number of compromised files is not yet known

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