Author Topic: Obamacare: The Fatal Blow to the Middle Class!  (Read 248 times)

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Obamacare: The Fatal Blow to the Middle Class!
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:17:29 PM »
Roger Landry The Liberty Beacon

The most immediate threat to We The People and the one with the most catastrophic results to an America as we know it, is not the threat of Islamic terrorists, Global warming, GMO’s or even WWIII, it is in fact Obamacare!

I have written about this often and railed against it, and all the time receiving harsh criticism from the diehard liberal BHO supporters. Well batten down the hatches because you are the very group that will be affected most by this looming catastrophe and very soon it will become readily apparent even to you! The middle class and low end wage earners (Major Obama supporters) are about to be devastated by a Trojan horse disguised as a benevolent offering by those who wish only to bring America to her knees!

“Obamacare is one of the most unpopular programs ever presented to the American public and was only instituted through a massive campaign of lies, deceit and fraud, most of which is readily apparent as implementation proceeds. Yet it will eventually lock a vast majority of us into a dependency on our government for even the most basic healthcare needs and intrude into our personal lives on a unheard of scale.”

“This program is by far the most destructive influencing factor today on the evaporating middle class as many employers stop hiring full time employees and shift full time positions to part time, or move their companies off shore to avoid the massive cost they will realize with the full implementation of this highly invasive program. This is a major player in the free fall of the average household income, forcing many more Americans, as their household income free falls, into dependency on government entitlement programs such as food stamps and welfare. YUP a self perpetuating cycle. Do you really think by the way this administration fights viciously to push this program forward even in the face of it’s huge unpopularity, that this is a mistake, or unintended?”

landry liar in chiefObamacare will not add to the federal deficit – Monumental Lie

Obamacare will bring your cost of healthcare down – Huge Lie

You wont lose your employer healthcare coverage – Massive Lie

You can keep your present doctor – Lie

Obamacare is not a tax – Major Lie

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