Author Topic: Item on New Washington State Bar’s Menu Ignites Controversy, Spurs Protests  (Read 348 times)

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Dozens of protesters stood outside a new Washington state bar Saturday night, angry about an item on the menu.

The item, a drink called “Date Grape,” ignited controversy for what some said was an inappropriate play on words, according to KREM-TV.

Item on New Washington State Bars Menu Ignites Controversy, Spurs Protests
A new Washington state bar has become the subject of controversy because of their decision to name a drink “Date Grape.” (Image source: Facebook)

“To see them using my trauma as a joke, it wasn’t something that I can tolerate,” protest organizer Taylor Malone said.

“To see them using my trauma as a joke, it wasn’t something that I can tolerate.”

“I am a recent survivor,” she continued. “I’ve been raped twice, the most recent was three months ago.”

Others echoed her message.

“Jokes are harmful to people like survivors like me,” another protester, Lisa Logan, told KREM-TV.

Protestors outraged by "Date Grape" drink at Downtown bar

Nearly 100 people were expected to protest Saturday night outside of the bar near Wall and Riverside. They were upset about a drink called "Date Grape" and said it is an inappropriate play on words. They said the subject of the name is not a joke. view full article

Nevertheless, the has bar stood its ground over the past few days on Facebook, bragging about how “there’s not a ton of drink names … that can be said on TV because they are vulgar” and saying “haters need a band wagon (sic).”

Last night they added in a post that the “Date Grape Koolaid is selling out,” saying it was time to make more.

According to KREM-TV, protesters say they won’t stop until the name of the drink changes.
By Oliver Darcy
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They've got a right to name their menu items whatever they want, and they obviously know their customer base - but I'm not comfortable with that name and if I were going out with my friends for drinks, I would probably avoid that place.
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