Author Topic: NASA firing Americans & hiring muslims.... by the thousands  (Read 308 times)

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NASA firing Americans & hiring muslims.... by the thousands
« on: February 01, 2014, 08:53:43 AM »



Administrator Charles Bolden and a delegation of several other NASA officials arrive in Saudi Arabia on Friday following a trip to Prague. From the Middle East, they will head next to Nepal where Bolden will give a keynote address at a climate change conference. Despite the fact Congress finally passed the three-year $58 billion NASA Authorization Act late Wednesday night, hundreds of space workers found themselves without jobs Friday.

 Some could be blamed on the uncertainty that has hung over the space program for the past nine months, but most were because of the space shuttle's pending retirement.

 United Space Alliance laid off 333 employees who worked here in the Johnson Space Center area Friday, as planned, and Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership President Bob Mitchell said "at least an additional 400" were being laid off at aerospace firms, big and small, all around the area as the week came to an end.

 Jacobs Engineering laid off 129 employees at its Clear Lake offices just two weeks ago.

 USA Communications Manager Kari Fluegel said Friday that her company had also laid off an additional 1,222 employees in Florida and Alabama. Almost 800 were terminated at Cape Canaveral. The Huntsville, Ala., newspaper reported that from 150 to 250 space workers were being laid off as NASA switched from one rocket program to another and that some were expecting to come back when work starts on the new program. That won't be all the layoffs at USA.

 Fruegel said "we'll initiate the next layoff in January when another 200 to 300 will be laid off. We'll start that process in October with notices given out in about 60 days."

 It is compelling that at the same time NASA Chief Bolden is reaching out to Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Americans by the thousands are being laid off as part of the Obama's retooling of the space agency.

 Before It's News says America, meet your new Islamic Astronauts.

 Three Muslims from the United Arab Emirates have been selected for space training at NASA, or what's left of it.

 Mr Bani Malek , Hamad Rajab and Shamma al Qassim are from the Arab Youth Venture Foundation, an organization in RAK, for the Educational Associates program, which was previously reserved only for US citizens. While I have nothing against these people or the UAE, shouldn't Us Citizens come first?

 When you add up benefits for illegal aliens and rights for terrorists, it seems US Citizens are always last in line in their own country.

 America, welcome to your new Islamic Space Program -- courtesy of Barak Hussein Obama!
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