Author Topic: Obamacare's model for the nation (city) has longest wait times to see a doctor in America  (Read 255 times)

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Obamacare’s ‘model for the nation’ has longest doctor wait times in America

Posted By Patrick Howley On 12:03 PM 01/30/2014 In | No Comments

The capital of the state that President Obama called the health care model for the nation has the longest wait times to see a doctor of any city in America.

People in Boston wait an average of 45.5 days for an appointment with a family physician, dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon, or cardiologist, according to a study by the physician search and consulting firm Merrit Hawkins. People in the 15 major U.S. cities surveyed in the report have to wait an average of 18 days to see a doctor.

The survey was conducted in late 2013, as President Obama was fighting through Obamacare’s disastrous health care rollout by touting Massachusetts’ universal health care law as a model for the nation.

“And it’s because you guys had a proven model that we built the Affordable Care Act on… Your law was the model for the nation’s law,” Obama said in an October 30 speech at Boston’s Fanueil Hall.

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