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Considering Mrs Palin [Exclusive]
« on: January 30, 2014, 06:36:37 AM »
A TBR exclusive. Copyright transferred.

I am going to put up front. I admire and respect her. Like her, even. Yet I rarely follow what she says. Why? Because I can tell you what she will say for any talking point that crops up.

So what makes her either the great white hope or the great white whale for the GOP?

Is it her looks?

Lets face it and call a spade a spade here. Sarah Palin is attractive. Get that out of the way right now. The concept of an attractive female politician is a little bit disconcerting. Not that she is up against much competition, but it is a factor to be considered. People are far more likely to not only listen to attractive people, but to change their view on an issue. Yes, we are that shallow. There have been studies to prove it.

Is it her rhetoric?

It is not. There is no doubt that she is articulate and has a decent brain hiding behind the glasses, but the first phrase you think of when you read her speeches is "word salad." She does run on sentences that seem to last forever and join an infinity of thoughts. She rarely hits the high points of rhetoric (considered as an art). The red meat is there, but it comes with gristle and bone.

Is it her politics?

She's small government, sure. Very family oriented, Mom, apple pie, and shooting the raccoon that is trying to steal the apple pie cooling on the window sill. That appeals, still. In this writers opinion, she goes overboard slightly from time to time. She is at her best with her family and most at ease at home. She's an everymom that is annoyed enough to say enough.

Is it her brand?

For a brand she is. Anyone who doubts that - well, she parlayed a minor amount of fame and being mayor of a fairly insignificant town into a governorship, a vice presidential bid, a series of books and TV appearances and a legion of rabid fans. Smart marketing, that. But that isn't it.

So what is it?

She pisses off the coastal elites. She is the scab they can't keep from picking at, the ouchy that is compulsively peeled away. They don't understand her, since she says what she means and means what she says. There is no sub text. No meta story. If she mentions shooting a moose, she shot a moose. It isn't a metaphor. It isn't an allegory. It is dinner.
She speaks for me. Sure, she lives in a place my ancestors would consider to be hell. Yet, she'd fit in on a hill farm in about 10 minutes. Drop her onto a station in Australia? It'd take her about a week to adjust. She's one of us. The backbone of the world, the people who feed the people. The people who make things out of random scrap and they work. The people who use rivets and epoxy to repair aluminium because they can't afford the welding gear.

Should she be president?

No. She is better where she is. A voice for those of us who are too damned tired at the end of the day to even pay attention to the news.
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Re: Considering Mrs Palin [Exclusive]
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2014, 07:13:55 AM »

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Re: Considering Mrs Palin [Exclusive]
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2014, 08:10:45 AM »
If you watch a few documentaries on Sarah Palin. One- Greta did about the truth about drilling in Alaska and the leftist media lies that drilling in Alaska kills animals, harms the environment. This narrative was completely discredited and very astutely shown (by Sarah Palin in this documentary) to be false, leftist lies, on drilling. 

The other documentary of what she really did as governor of Alaska. She worked with democrats, Stood on her own fighting and winning against cronyism.  Mrs. Palin is qualified to be President. What Mrs. Palin lacks in foreign policy skills that all seem to think only neo conservatives like Cheney; or because you were the chairman of some intelligence committee, like Biden for years, can fulfill...
Palin fulfills and qualifies for foreign policy/CIC skills, because a good leader will surround themselves with those more  knowledgeable and experienced. This is precisely why you have joint chiefs. Plus let's tell the truth, Obama lowered the bar on experience needed- to be President.

The truth about what happened to Sarah Palin is this...

She was Alinskyized. The Saul Alinsky targeting tactcs were fully applied to Sarah Palin. It worked. She was targeted and ridiculed in the MSM complete with the perception that she is a dingy, dimwit that tawks funny via Tina Fey.

This tactic worked so well that no matter what your politics, even if you like her and her politics you think less of her, something is wrong with her.

The completion of the Alinsky tactics applied to Mrs. Palin was the lawyers in Alaska challenging if she passed gas the wrong way to the wind or how she breathed...made her crack. Her further demise was leftist trolls parading the internet forums saying,  'Palin or NOBODY, she is a goddess,' 'she is following sun tsu and will be our hero and we built a altar to her.' ( Palin also helped them a bit by using terms such as LAMEstream media.) To make her *APPEAR* sappy and dumb as dirt, when she is not.

Since The Alinsky tactics were applied to Sarah Palin the general population of even non political junkies woke up to the bias media and their 1-target 2-attack, radical Alinsky tactics.

Think about it...we have all known there was a touch of liberal bias in the mainstream media but no one was fully aware of their complete and total progressive political bias and agenda.

So Palin would be a damned good President but she has been ruined, alinskyized. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle PR/marketing-wise...the damage is done.

Edited to add: The same tactics can be currently- seen in action- towards Ted Cruz.  (technically these people are all Dan Quayled as 'potatoe potatos) I watched on-line, as progressives IMMEDIATELY called Cruz "stupid" Then... his resume' was seen by all and then they stfu. Rand Paul, Ben Carson will be painted as loons. It won't work-out as well as it did for Palin but the self-doubt will always be there in their Alinsky-tactics because they have the power of the press AND NOW the DOJ, FBI, IRS, NSA to destroy.  So... prior to Palin they had the alphabet channels. Now they have the alphabet channels and the alphabet, powerful government agencies.  (SEE: CHRISTIE and General Petraeus )

Rand Paul is the only one using the tactics against them somewhat... i  e.... the war on women and Billy Jeff Clinton.

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"The Tea Party has a right to feel cheated.

When does the Republican Party, put in the majority by the Tea Party, plan to honor its commitment to halt the growth of the Federal monolith and bring the budget back into balance"?

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Re: Considering Mrs Palin [Exclusive]
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2014, 09:06:49 AM »
I guess she could repair the damage but they are already attacking Rogers.
"The Tea Party has a right to feel cheated.

When does the Republican Party, put in the majority by the Tea Party, plan to honor its commitment to halt the growth of the Federal monolith and bring the budget back into balance"?

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