Author Topic: Revealed: Obama Copyright Certificate for "Dreams of My Father" missing DOB  (Read 451 times)

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There is nothing honest about Obama. He was born, then recreated.

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Well - having done a few of these, it smells a bit.

Firstly, the author themselves write both authors bio's and copyright information. Even a pseudonym has to have a bio. Those are great fun to write!  :laugh:

What would be really interesting is not the copyright registration - anyone can make a mistake, after all, Obama said he has a pen, not that he has a pen and knows how to use it - but the agency contract.

To give you a small example, my pseudonyms go out into the world and are (some of them) widely read. Yet royalties don't get paid to a fictitious person - my agent (or publisher in one case) has all of my information. Real name, address, contact details including the entire history of postal addresses since the contract was signed, NH number (our equivalent of your SS number), bank details, next of kin, tax number, basically the works. Even have a mini bio of me on tap, since the death of an author spikes book sales, the contract with the actress who does book signings for one of my pseudonyms (I'm the wrong sex, though I show up to events from time to time as her husband) is attached to my contract.

Obama will have the same sort of contact sheet. If Dreams was ghost written, as some have suggested, that will be in there as an addendum to the contract (ghost writers do get paid, after all. Paid well, since they have to keep their mouths shut).

It's a treasure trove, waiting to be unlocked. Legally, I doubt it can be - contracts are pretty fiercely guarded.

However - I have just had a thought. Royalties must be declared for tax purposes, even if the agent or publisher deals with the actual payment of the tax. Book sales figures and size of print runs are public area information. If there is a large discrepancy between the two, there is a third party involved. Not a 10% - that's an agent's standard fee, and they do work for it - but up in the 40 - 50% range.
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Orly Taitz will go to her grave trying to prove this, won't she?

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Sorry but this is a big nothing burger. Whomever filled out the form put the wrong thing in the wrong field. That's it?

Nothing earth shattering here. Orly is just digging for any little dot out of place. This is like slapping mosquitoes when there are lions trying to eat you.

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