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Malik Obama, Obama’s Brother Photo’d With Hamas Scarf & Slogan: ‘Jerusalem is ours — WE ARE COMING!

by Maggie • January 28, 2014 • 6 Comments

Malik Obama was Barack Obama’s best man when Barack married Michelle, and Barack was Malik’s best man at one of his previous marriages. Malik is in the White House often. Since the title above is fairly clear, there is a tight family connection to Arabs and Jew haters, let me introduce Malik in more detail from an earlier post:

Malik Obama, photo courtesy of Walid Shoebat (click for more)

Malik Obama, photo courtesy of Walid Shoebat (click for more)

Barack Obama’s half-brother by another mother is of interest to Egypt and according to Walid Shoebat, Abon’go Malik Obama, aka Roy Obama, aka Abdul Malik Hussein Obama, aka Al-Malik Hussein Obama, may end up on Egypt’s list of terrorists. Malik is the Executive Secretary to Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir who was charged with Genocide in 2010 by the International Court. The warrant was delivered to the Sudanese Government – and Malik Obama is his Executive Secretary. Shoebat says the IDO is “the larger Muslim Brotherhood umbrella.” More Here.


He [Malik] currently runs an electronic store in Nairobi, Kenya, but also owns a Washington-based consulting firm. Source

From Shoebat’s latest on the Hamas story (read it, many photos and more information on the tight family connections, and Presidential lies):

Malik reads and speaks fluent Arabic as do many in his family, like cousin Musa Ismail Obama and uncle Sayyid, who’ve been to at least one prominent Wahhabist university in Saudi Arabia. Barack recited the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer with a ‘first-rate accent’ according to the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof….

Those who see this as a matter of guilt by association run into some major problems. President Barack Obama and Malik are much closer than is being admitted publicly. In an interview published in GQ Magazine last July, Malik took offense at the characterization of him and the president as being merely ‘half’ brothers:

“Everyone’s referring to us as half, quarter,…step, things like that,” he says, displeased even by the taste of those words. “I think that’s like weights and measures. This didn’t even occur to us until he became president, until he gained prominence. And now we’re sort of like celebrities.

“But this is a streak of ignorance,” he adds. “Here in Africa we don’t think of each other as ‘half’ this or that. In an extended family, someone is your brother even if he is just in your clan. So I…am Obama.”

Yes, we are ignorant of Africa, in the main, but not because we don’t ask questions. We don’t understand why Africa allows war lords and rebels to rape the treasury, the women, girls, the men, the boys, commit chaos and kill.  We don’t understand why, with all the aid coming into the various Africas, there is no water for the people, why some still live in filth and hopelessness. Why, with the billions flooding in, is there such instability and violence?

But what we are not ignorant of is the horror of genocide and we are not ignorant of the fact that a brother of a U.S. President, a brother who jets in-and-out of this country, and in-and-out of the White House, works for a government accused of genocide. We are also no longer ignorant of  the Obama family’s attachment to Islam.

We are also not ignorant of why Malik Obama breezed through the process to receive his tax exempt status with the help of Lois Lerner.
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