Author Topic: So What Was The Point of Obamacare Again? By Jonah Goldberg  (Read 349 times)

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 So What Was The Point of Obamacare Again?
By Jonah Goldberg
January 23, 2014 7:40 AM

As Rich noted the other day, the Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that the uninsured haven’t been rushing to sign up for insurance under Obamacare. From the WSJ:

    Early signals suggest the majority of the 2.2 million people who sought to enroll in private insurance through new marketplaces through Dec. 28 were previously covered elsewhere, raising questions about how swiftly this part of the health overhaul will be able to make a significant dent in the number of uninsured.

    Insurers, brokers and consultants estimate at least two-thirds of those consumers previously bought their own coverage or were enrolled in employer-backed plans.

Note, this is after decades of liberals insisting that the uninsured were desperate to get insurance and years of Obama officials and defenders swearing that this law would make it happen. Indeed, in order to make it happen the Democrats blew up the entire health-care industry casting millions of people off their existing insurance plans. When those people went to exchanges to sign up for new ones, the Obama administration took credit for it, as if they were doing something for the uninsured. But barely 1 in 10 of new Obamacare enrollees were previously uninsured.

Look at this chart from Gallup:

I joked on Twitter this morning, ”They said if I voted for Mitt Romney, the ranks of the uninsured would continue to swell. And they were right!” (Every time I make that joke, I send Glenn Reynolds a quarter).

The response from some liberals in my feed boiled down to “He inherited a financial crisis!”

And that’s absolutely true. But that was a long time ago and this administration long ago declared we were in a recovery. Oh and he also blew up the entire health-insurance industry in response, insisting that it was absolutely necessary not only to fix the bad economy (which was always a stretch) but to deal with the ongoing crisis of the uninsured. It turns out it did neither. It created more uninsured people than it gave insurance to. And it promises to create even more.

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Re: So What Was The Point of Obamacare Again? By Jonah Goldberg
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2014, 11:55:31 AM »
How much money has been poured down innumerable ratholes designing non-functional government websites??  What was the purpose of that again??  How many uninsured could we have simply paid the policies for instead of wasting money on websites, childish advertising and incredible salaries for the many people involved in propping up this whole charade??

We're almost a third of the way through the first quarter and the signs of immense problems ahead have been growing for years.  So much has been put off until after so many elections to try and buy votes that all of it is about to come due when the Insurance companies start screaming about impending bankruptcy from all of this.  This whole mess could begin to crash in flames in March and trigger another round of borrowing from the Communist Chinee.

What was the point of all this indeed.....


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Re: So What Was The Point of Obamacare Again? By Jonah Goldberg
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2014, 12:11:49 PM »

to nationalize healthcare

to give millions of illegals health care when they will still go to the ER (win Texas votes for the progressive dems)

pay off Obama's political contributers

more gov control leading to communism

make the average person that works for a living get a crappier policy gutting their paycheck further

allows panels to say no to hospice care especially to those not registered as dead democrats already

"The Tea Party has a right to feel cheated.

When does the Republican Party, put in the majority by the Tea Party, plan to honor its commitment to halt the growth of the Federal monolith and bring the budget back into balance"?

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