Author Topic: Unbelievable: no indictment for cop who killed innocent, unarmed man after shooting him 10 times  (Read 323 times)

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Unbelievable: No indictment for cop who killed innocent, unarmed man after shooting him 10 times

Posted By Robby Soave On 10:16 PM 01/22/2014 In | No Comments

A grand jury decided not to indict the North Caorlina police officer who shot and killed Jonathan Ferrell–a 24-year-old black man who had just been in a car crash, had committed no crime and was unarmed.

Randall Kerrick, an officer with the Charlotte police force, killed Ferrell when he discovered the disoriented man on a nearby front porch. The homeowner evidently believed Ferrell–a former college football player–was trying to break into the house. In reality, he had just survived a car crash, and was asking for help. (RELATED: Car crash victim runs to police for help, is shot to death instead)

Ferrell ran toward Kerrick when he saw him, prompting the officer to shoot him 10 times.  An autopsy revealed that Ferrell may have already been on his knees by the time Kerrick started firing.

The police department did not stand by Kerrick’s actions, and agreed with a prosecutor’s decision to charge him with voluntary manslaughter. But on Tuesday, the grand jury decided that there was not enough evidence to indict him. (RELATED: EPIC POLICE FAIL: You won’t believe L.A. cops are getting away with this mistake)

Evidently, not all jurors were present for the decision, and the prosecutor will likely file new–possibly reduced–charges against Kerrick, according to NBC News.

George Laughrun, Kerrick’s lawyer, said he was pleased that the jurors had evidently chosen not to believe the “the propaganda on all the things [Kerrick] did wrong.”

Ferrell’s family has also filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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