Author Topic: Breaking news from Tel Aviv: al-Qaida doesn’t like Obama because he’s black  (Read 206 times)

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By Allen West

Breaking news: Israeli security has thwarted an al-Qaida terrorist plot to attack the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. First of all, hat tip to the Israeli security forces and their intel systems — wonder if they had to data mine everyone in Israel to find out about the plot? But what has to really have President Obama angry is that these guys are supposed to be playing along with his and the New York Times narrative that al-Qaida is decimated and on the run. Damn those pesky non-compliant Islamic terrorists taking over Fallujah and Ramadi and now trying to blow up our embassy! I guess they were not happy with Obama letting them attack the consulate in Benghazi and kill an Ambassador.

Bloodthirsty jihadists, we tried to make nice with them and blame it all on a video, and even used taxpayer dollars to apologize to them. I’m quite sure President Obama is wondering, “what will it take for them to like me, I am letting Iran have a nuclear weapon, don’t they know my poll numbers are tanking here?”

It’s obvious what’s going on with Islamic terrorists, al-Qaida et al — they don’t like Obama because he is black.

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