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Brooklyn: Muslim Beheads Landlord
« on: January 21, 2014, 04:47:58 PM »
Brooklyn: Islamic Immigrant Rasel Siddiquee Beheads Landlord With Sword, Burns Body In Basement. Obama Has Paved The Way For 30,000 More Of These “Immigrants” To Live In Our Neighborhoods. You Want Them Next Door To You?

Janna Brock 1-20-14  Another crime where the perpetrator was Islamic, another whitewashed story. Rasel Siddiquee, 27, an Islamic immigrant from Bangladesh, brutally hacked his landlord to death. His landlord was 57-year old Mahuddin Mahmud, a businessman and father of three. Police were called to the scene after receiving a call about an assault on McDonald Avenue in Kensington. That’s where they found Mahmud dead, and his head almost completely detached from his lifeless body. Mahuddin Mahmud, himself a Bangladeshi immigrant, had been a law-abiding citizen of the United States for decades. Rasel Siddiquee was arrested and is in custody now for the crime.

Brooklyn-Businessman-Death-Arrest-300x168Another  Islamist commits a gruesome crime, a beheading no less. The best the media can come up with, in order to protect themselves from Muslim outrage is, “Rasel Siddiquee arrested in murder of Mahuddin Mahmud in Kensington.” Yes, Rasel Siddiquee did kill Mahuddin Mahmud, but he didn’t just murder him. He beheaded him and burned him. However, the decapitation wasn’t quite complete, since his head was not completely detached from his body, but the sight was no less gruesome.

A 27-year-old man has been charged with murder after the landlord of his Brooklyn building was found nearly decapitated in the basement Tuesday, police say.

Rasel Siddiquee was arrested early Wednesday in connection with the death of Mahuddin Mahmud, a 57-year-old businessman and father of three who was found with his head nearly cut off and his face burned in the basement of a building he owned, according to the NYPD.

The 27- year old immigrant from Bangladesh killed the one man who gave him a place to live. Siddiquee had been living in the same basement where Mahmud’s body was discovered. Was Rasel Siddiquee in the United States illegally? It’s a safe assumption, given that Islamists are the “second largest group of illegal immigrants in New York.” The audacity of this is astounding, given that New York City was the epicenter of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It makes absolutely no sense. But in the leftist, progressive push for ending “Islamophobia,” tying a crime like beheading to an Islamist is profiling. Instead of calling out the truth for what it is, the media buries it and sanitizes it, but it is hard to dispute immigration facts. The Muslim population in the United States has doubled since 1992, and it just keeps growing.

Police found Mahmud’s body after getting a 911 call about an assault at the building on McDonald Avenue in Kensington. Siddiquee lived in the basement, police say.

Family and friends say Mahmud, a Bangladeshi immigrant, came to the U.S. decades ago and worked hard to build a computer software training business.

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