Author Topic: Fukushima:Three candidate sites picked in Miyagi for radioactive waste disposal  (Read 245 times)

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I was going to suggest dropping it from a B52 over N. Korea, Iran, or the United Nations.
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Given the sheer volume of contaminated material on the site right now, I question if three disposal sites will be enough.  This material is heavily contaminated not only with nuclear fuel and fuel rod materials, but much of the rubble of the building has been irradiated and will remain dangerous for centuries.  All of it has to be buried at some point, and there is no place in Japan that is guaranteed safe from further seismic action and potential inundation from another tsunami.

This ongoing disaster needs the attention of more than just the local utility company and the Japanese government to resolve.  Look at Chernobyl for a good example of just what it takes to even secure the site before any cleanup can ever occur. 

What a mess.

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