Author Topic: Capitol Update: “The Communion Of Common Interest” and “Harry Reid Losing His Mind”  (Read 144 times)

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by Ulsterman
A quick update regarding the political mapping of the up for grabs Senate seats in the 2014 Midterm Elections: “Harry Reid is losing his mind…Combine this with the Clintons’ directive about Democrats losing in 2014, and you see Harry Reid’s time as a major political player in D.C. coming to an end.”

Will the Obama administration and Harry Reid’s reign of terror come to a screeching halt in 2014 under a plan some are calling “the communion of common interests”?  Sources inside the Capitol Building say YES.

For the last year or so, we’ve known of at least six very competitive Senate seat races, and Republicans look good in all six.  Over the last month or so, as the president’s approval ratings hover at or below 40% , and signs of a very big grassroots movement that I’ve personally said will overwhelm Democratic opposition in state elections, I’m upping the number of competitive Senate seats to at least ten, and maybe an even dozen.  That is a number that will make some people laugh out loud, but I’m telling you, it’s real, and here’s why:

*The Tea Party groups learned their lesson.  They still want big changes within the Republican Party, and I’m right there with them in that, but they’ve learned the game much better.  Plus, the Tea Party has always been more formidable regarding state elections vs. a national election.  With their improved logistics, they will help the Republican effort more than hurt it.  In 2012, a lot of voters were played by candidates claiming to be Tea Party who were actually spoilers hired to play a part, get a name on the ballot, and divide the vote.  There won’t be nearly as much of that going on in 2014.

*Money.  I’m talking big money coming in here.  People want the Obama agenda dead and the way to do that is Republican victories in 2014.  I’m not just talking conservatives here, but a lot of moderate money coming in to oust Harry Reid from his role as Senate Leader.  People are finally waking up to how bad things have gotten, how divisive it has become, and they want to lend a hand to make it better.  I’m calling it the “communion of common interest”, and it’s all about shutting down the White House.  The media is way behind us on this, and I’m hoping we leave them stunned in November over just how much well funded interest is out there, ready and willing to put a legislative end to this Obama catastrophe.

*The Clintons.  This is interesting.  There’s a shift here at Capitol Hill among Democrats.  At least the ones I speak with, which lately, has been more and more.  They want to line up behind Hillary, and away from Obama, and the Clintons already have their people signaling they are going to lose the Senate.  Now why is that?  I think it’s because they want to lessen the Obama fatigue by 2016.  To do that, they need Democrats to lose and lose big in 2014.  If that doesn’t make sense to you, go back and review 2010, and then what happened in 2012.  If you still don’t understand, let me know and I’ll try and explain it to you more. I’ll be happy to see them help us out in 2014, and then we’ll take care of business and keep them out of the White House in 2016.

*Harry Reid is losing his mind.  This isn’t just a joke, or a snide comment.  The same Democrats who I mentioned before, are saying it.  He’s slipping.  They want him gone, and that means they have to give up the Senate to make that happen.  If he loses the leadership position, he goes away, and apparently there is some bad blood involving the Clintons and Reid over something that happened a couple years ago, and is now marking the senator as a guy who has to go. Combine this with the Clintons’ directive about Democrats losing in 2014, and you see Harry Reid’s time as a major political player in D.C. coming to an end.

*Defection plan.  You’ll know it when you see/hear it.  It’s coming.


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