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AGENDAS: Just Replace the ‘Jewish Question’ with the ‘Conservative Question’

Posted on January 19, 2014 by Joe_Bakanovic | 14 Comments

If you do not know history, and you do not know how to reason, then you cannot recognize the patterns in history when you see them starting to repeat.  Instead of being able to see that a principle can manifest in many different ways, you will be prone to looking at the different ways it manifests itself and determine that they have nothing in common with the past.  Thus, you will totally miss the principle in lay.  This is why, when those who know history look back on it, they see the same patterns repeating over and over again.  This is why we are missing the warning signs today.

Here are just two headlines that illustrate my point.  I could have chosen any number of many such headlines, but these two will work for the issue at hand:

Experts: Gore’s right on bio-politics

“He’s absolutely right that there are differences in temperament [between liberals and conservatives], and science has been able to shed some light on that,” Professor John Hibbing of the University of Nebraska, an expert on the relationship between biology and political orientation, said in an interview with POLITICO.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Some Conservatives ‘Have No Place in the State of New York’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview that if “extreme conservatives” are “right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay,” then “they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Now, if you do not know the history of the Holocaust, and the arguments Hitler used to justify his ‘final solution,’ then you may not know that Hitler used ‘science’ as part of his justification.  According to Hitler, ‘science’ had ‘proven’ that everyone not of Aryan stock was inferior, especially Jews – just as Al Gore is arguing in the first story.  But Hitler also used the claim that Germans had more of a right to Germany and other Germanic regions than non-Germans – much the same as Cuomo is saying in the second story.  Nor do you know that Al Gore is talking about the purposeful manipulation of genetics to direct the evolution of mankind.  This is exactly what Hitler’s master race was all about: the purposeful direction of the evolution of mankind.  It is all tied to Eugenics, and Eugenics can be traced directly back to the United States and the Progressive movement.

I have tried to warn people that America is currently traveling down the same path Germany traveled in the 1930’s.  This notion that science can ‘prove’ “conservatism” is a threat is just one similarity.  The ever increasing complaints about the deadlock in Congress and the threat to declare an emergency and rule by decree is another.  We are on the same road!  We just don’t see it because we do not understand how to use reason.  In short, though we think we have ‘evolved,’ we have actually regressed.  If we hadn’t, this is what we would see in these two stories.

First, Al Gore has said that global warming deniers are equivalent to racists, alcoholics, smokers and homophobes:

Al Gore: Climate Change Deniers Like Racists, Homophobes, Alcoholics, Smokers

Now see the connection here: it is not that conservatives are just wrong, but they are genetically made that way.  This is the implication between both of the Al Gore stories, which will lead to the inevitable conclusion that we need to use ‘science’ to eliminate those babies who are going to be predisposed to become conservative.  The notion is that conservatives are wrong about things that directly affect the survival of the species, therefore, they are not just ‘ugly people,’ they are a threat to the survival of humanity.  This will then be used to justify the elimination of conservatives.   This is the exact same pattern and argument Hitler used, only Al Gore and those like him have replaced ‘Jews’ with ‘Conservatives.’

The problem here is that everything Al Gore is asserting as true is nothing more than subjective value judgments.  ‘Science’ has not proven global warming is real any more than it proved Aryans superior to other races, this is just the boogey-man they need to create the fear necessary to drive the rest of their agenda.  And ‘homophobia,’ ‘racism,’ ‘smoking,’ etc are all value judgments that may and may not have an objective foundation, just as many of the assertions Hitler made had little objective foundation behind it.   It’s the same pattern, just different particulars.  Whereas Hitler claimed that ‘science’ had ‘proven’ Jews were the cause of Germany’s problems to justify his ‘final solution,’ Al Gore and Cuomo (and those like them) are blaming “conservatives” for all the world’s ills and pointing to ‘science’ to support their claims.  Once enough people buy this sort of propaganda, the natural conclusion is inevitable: eliminate the threat to society for the sake of society.  And that’s how you get to the point where people think this sounds reasonable:

NOTE: You must watch this entire video — and watch it carefully, all the way to the end; because it is at the end where the connection between Hitler and American Progressives is made clear.


To those who are aware that the NAZI formula included control of the media so opposing voices could not be heard and taking jobs away from anyone who associated with groups that the government did not like, there are these two stories:

Far-left Salon is dreaming of a ‘very different media’ where this article probably wouldn’t even exist

The folks over at far-left-leaning are dreaming of a “very different media,” one where Fox News and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh no longer exist. The website on Saturday published excerpts from “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA” to advocate for the kind of media that would exist if the “people had their voices heard.”

Something Unbelievable Happened to Famous Latino Actress Since Appearing in Conservative Campaign Ad

“Of course she has the right to say whatever she wants. But we’re in the middle of the Mission,” Lopez told KPIX. “Doing what she is doing is against what we believe.”

Hopefully you will see that the parallels are here, and that it isn’t just one or two things, but nearly every important point the NAZI’s used to seize power.
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