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Fiesta de te Hispanics already embrace Tea Party beliefs
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:59:16 AM »

Anti-socialist Hispanics: Here's how to take Latino vote

South Carolina Tea Party convention plots conservative outreach

Jack Minor is a journalist and researcher who served in the United States Marine Corps under President Reagan. Also a former pastor, he has written hundreds of articles and been interviewed about his work on many TV and radio outlets.


Members attending the South Carolina Tea Party’s annual convention were told contrary to popular belief Hispanics do not want to embrace socialism and the failed liberal policies they left behind in their home countries – rather they are ready to embrace conservative values, but it is up to the tea party to educate them.

The South Carolina Tea Party is streaming its annual convention in both English and Spanish this weekend.

On the first day of their three-day convention in Myrtle Beach attendees heard from a trio of Hispanic speakers who sounded a warning that, while the Republican party is right about its need to reach out to Hispanics, the solution is not to embrace liberal ideas such as amnesty, but to instead boldly stand for conservative values, which they say large numbers of Hispanics actually embrace.

Exit polling consistently shows the Hispanic vote goes to the Democratic Party. This is frequently used by Republican leaders to claim the party needs to abandon its opposition to immigration reform and other social issues if it ever hopes to capture this key demographic. Last year, during the debate in the Senate over the comprehensive immigration bill, Sen. John McCain suggested if Republicans would pass the bill, eventually Hispanics would reward them for it.

However, Dr. Juan Torres, director of the Bear Witness Council, acknowledged that while Hispanics do vote Democrat in elections, the reasons have nothing to with Republicans’ stance on conservative issues, but is rather a failure of tea party activists and conservatives to actively educate Hispanics and Latinos about what they actually stand for.

“We don’t have media representation, everyone knows that, and when you go to the Hispanic media it’s even worse,” Torres said. “It’s time to change the way we do politics. We cannot give these people [the media] what they want in order to continue winning elections. It is very important that you remember that they don’t want you to reach Hispanics. They don’t want you to educate Hispanics.”

He noted that rather than embrace liberal ideas, Republicans need to educate Hispanics that the unemployment rate for them is over 10 percent, and let them know about what President Obama has done to take away freedoms and push the country in a more socialistic direction.

“There are more than 50 million Hispanics in the United States and the number is going to get bigger and bigger. It’s time for you to realize that we need to do something about it, otherwise things will get worse and worse,” Torres said. “In Colorado, 80 to 90 percent of the Hispanic vote went for President Obama. That is something that has never happened before.”

He explained the media and leaders in the immigration movement are engaged in a deliberate effort to keep Hispanic voters ignorant of what the tea party stands for. He went on to mention the case of a woman who asked him why he could support the tea party since he was Latino and the tea party was anti-immigration and racist.

“I told her I was going to tell her what the tea party stood for and then ask which ones she did not agree with. I said, limited government, national security, in God we trust, lower taxation, control the borders,” He continued. “I went down the list one by one and then, when I was finished, I said tell me in your heart that you do not believe in anything I had just said. She couldn’t say a single word, so I said that seems to indicate that you agree, and if you don’t agree you shouldn’t be living in this country.”

He said contrary to what many believe, Hispanics do not want more government, and if the tea party were to take up the challenge to go into Hispanic communities and reach out to individuals rather than local leaders they would be surprised to learn Hispanics want to embrace the liberty espoused by the founding fathers.

“We moved here because America still is the best country in the world. We didn’t come here looking for socialism. We don’t want to find another Hugo Chavez here. That’s the reason we escaped and moved from our countries. It’s up to you to make sure they know that we are Christians and conservatives.”

“If they don’t hear the news from you they will never know what is going on in the country. They need to hear from you what the tea party is all about.”

The convention is being livestreamed on WND, and signup is as easy as clicking here now.

Frank de Varona, a journalist, historian, author of 21 books and the only Hispanic in the U.S. who has written four books on Barack Obama, warned the president was attempting to remake America into something akin to Third World countries.

De Varona has personal experience with police states and dictatorships. At age 17, he participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion in a failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro and eradicate communism. Following the failed invasion he served 30 years in a Cuban prison.

“We’re very close to being a police state,” he said. “He [Obama] is a communist as well as a closet Muslim.”

“He has made us a superpower in retreat. A superpower has to be respected by our allies and feared by our enemies. We are neither, unfortunately.”

Dr. Eduardo Gil, a consultant with Hispanics for America, noted if the U.S. Hispanic community were a country it would be in the top 20 countries in the world.

“We are at 50 million people today, by 2050 it will be 100 million,” Gil explained. “The trend is very simple, the minorities will be majorities.”

While some have been alarmed by these numbers, feeling it means the end of America as envisioned by our founding fathers and that the Democrats’ liberal agenda is unstoppable, Gil said that is not necessarily the case, but it will depend on what the tea party and conservatives decide to do about this reality.

“We’re not dealing here in good or bad. It’s going to happen. Whether it’s good or bad depends on the actions that we take today.”

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