Author Topic: New Hampshire Democrat seeks to restrict freedom for conservatives, media silent  (Read 243 times)

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The good news is that she is at least honest about her Fascism. The "progressives" and homos infiltrated VT, the state adjacent to NH, and did exactly what she is decrying the Free Staters are hoping to do in NH. Wanna bet she never complained about that?

Cynthia Chase, a Democrat who serves in New Hampshire's legislature, seeks to restrict the freedoms conservatives in that state enjoy in order to make the state "less welcoming to any conservative or libertarian planning on moving to her state," Breitbart reported Thursday.

"In the opinion of this Democrat, Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today," she wrote at Blue Hampshire.

Warner Todd Huston explains that a movement to make the state more conservative has been underway since 2001.

"The idea is that Americans of conservative ideals are to move to New Hampshire, gather in communities, run for office, and work to drive the state toward libertarianism and conservatism. It is called the 'Free State Project' and adherents are called 'Free Staters,'" he wrote.

To combat this, Chase wants to pass laws specifically targeting conservatives to make the state less free.

"What we can do is to make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave. One way is to pass measures that will restrict the 'freedoms' that they think they will find here," Chase wrote.

"Of course, it is one thing to be a proponent of laws that might have the unintended consequences of restricting others' freedoms. If one truly believes in such policies, well, they may be disastrously wrong, but at least they'd be honestly wrong. A fine point, to be sure," Huston wrote.

But Chase is purposefully targeting those with whom she disagrees "all in the hopes that the citizens she is oppressing might move away from her state," Huston added.

"Would it matter more or less if the speaker was talking about restricting the freedom of homosexuals? How about blacks or other minorities? What if they wanted to run off immigrants? How about scaring off the mentally ill or handicapped, or senior citizens? Honestly, does it matter? What class of law abiding citizens deserves to have their freedoms restricted simply because some elected official doesn’t agree with them, who they are, or what they believe?" Steve MacDonald asked at Granite Grok.

MacDonald said that Chase's proposition "sounds more like tyranny than civility."

Worse yet, Huston says, the entire Democrat-media complex is silent about her desire to oppress those with whom she disagrees.

A Google search reveals that aside from conservative blogs, no one in the so-called "mainstream media" has reported on Chase's statement.

"Sounds like tyranny, indeed," he wrote.

The lovely Ms Chase:

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Are you sure she isn't a transvestite?

I really like Concord, NH...... it's a beautiful town with wonderful old homes...  I had a friend who lived there (actually grew up there) and she said the state was conservative until the started pouring in from MA to get away from the high taxes there and became a bedroom community for Boston.
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