Author Topic: Small, New University Does Something Radical -- Only Hires Professors Who Want To Teach And Only Admits Students Who Want To Learn  (Read 276 times)

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I watched a interesting interview yesterday talking about the current sorry state of higher education in this country and how it is not turning out intelligent, job-ready, graduates.  They said it has grown so bad a lot of large corporations have designed a test which if you can pass will earn you a certificate and a job.  They also said with the internet and all the info available there really isn't a reason for people to go deep into debt to receive a lot of degrees which can be obtained as readily and cheaper online.

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One of the unique features of UMR is the absence of academic departments. Colleges and universities are almost always an assemblage of numerous departments, each requiring considerable overhead expenses, and often squabbling among themselves for money and prestige.
One of the many things the president of Mr. M's university has done to screw things up is to expand the number of departments, "colleges" and deans. No one actually teaches, it seems - they just get paid more money for being dean of a school whose enrollment is dropping.
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