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Syria: Islamists forbid women to sit in chairs
« on: January 16, 2014, 05:02:00 AM »
Syria: Islamists Forbid Women to Sit in Chairs

After taking over areas of Syria, ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) instituted a series of draconian, sharia-based laws.

Tue, January 14, 2014

-based laws and made known its expectations of the population to follow them.

“It is absolutely forbidden for women to sit on the chairs, according to the instructions of the authorities,” stated a prominent sign.

Other promulgations stated that women must wear the abaya and the burqa (coverings for the entire body and face), and that sweaters, jeans and makeup of any kind were strictly forbidden.  Any type of smoking was forbidden upon the penalty of death.

Syrian rebels groups, including those associated with Al Qaeda, like the Nusra Front, are now fighting against ISIS. The fight is not so much over the end result – as the end goal of both groups is to establish a sharia-based Islamic state – but over tactics and strategy.  It is a well-known battle between Islamists who believe in a gradualists approach (for example, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood

, who seek to win over world powers by purporting to be “moderates”) and the Salafists (“purists”) – this time being played out in the Syrian civil war.

Recent infighting between the rebel groups has left close to 700 dead, including 100 civilians (of which 21 were executed by ISIS in a children’s hospital in Aleppo).

The decision to fight ISIS by other rebel groups was in part made after the group took over El-Oceander, a town in Syria’s northern district of Idib. As reported by a Syrian news station, ISIS terrorized the town, instituting the following new laws (in addition to the ones stated above):
• All barbershops must be closed down. Men are forbidden from having short hair, wearing modern hairstyles or using hair products.
•If a taxi driver tries to take an unfair price, his penalty will start from cutting off his hand to cutting off his head because, according to the laws of ISIS, he has "violated the interests of the people."
• All signs and advertising for beauty salons for women are forbidden.
• It is forbidden to visit female doctors.
• Shops that employ women seamstresses will be closed if there is a man in the shop.
• It is forbidden to open places of business during prayer times. Violators will be punished.
• Female clothing may not be shown in shop windows and only women are allowed to work in these shops. If a man is found on the grounds, the shop faces closure.
•Men are forbidden from wearing low-waist jeans.
•Shops found selling cigarettes will be burned to the ground.
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Re: Syria: Islamists forbid women to sit in chairs
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2014, 06:25:11 AM »
•Shops found selling cigarettes will be burned to the ground.

That made me giggle. The bearded ones were forever scrounging cigs from me. It was difficult at times to keep enough for me on the drives! Learned fast to NEVER leave a pack of cigs in my shirt. I'd be under a pump or bucking supplies, shirt hung up out of the way, and the pack would disappear.
It's a bit like the "no alcohol" rule - very much honored in the breach. We'd use alcohol wipes to clean before an injection - some of the men would very seriously ask the doctors if their insides needed disinfecting too  :laugh: They'd come to the food line with a pink prescription and we'd give them a cup of bootleg - splash of 98% ethanol, orange powder and top up with water. Purely medicinal, of course. They had to swill it around their mouth before swallowing.

I did get told off for smoking in public by one truly ancient woman. She stood there, hands on hips and shouted at me to take my sin out of sight. Well, she couldn't have been more than about 80 lbs, including clothes, so I meekly nipped behind the lorry to finish my cig. Came out again and she smiled and dished me up a huge portion of food - including the best damned bread I have ever had in my life.
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Re: Syria: Islamists forbid women to sit in chairs
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2014, 10:49:05 AM »
It occurs to me that liberalism and feminism are closely related. Liberals have decided to embrace islam, mainly because it's a poke in the eye to Christians. The enemy of my enemy mindset.

islam is virulent, and if given a chance will take root like crabgrass in your lawn.

I know it's kind of sick, but since I am powerless to do much more than watch, I take perverse pleasure in seeing liberal women get what they asked for when islam gains power. I'm talking about Norway in particular. As islam gains favor in the US, I'll enjoy the screams of liberal women as they are oppressed.

Should have listened to us evil conservatives.

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Re: Syria: Islamists forbid women to sit in chairs
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2014, 02:17:49 PM »
The skeptic is never for real. There he stands, cocktail in hand, left arm draped languorously on one end of the mantelpiece, telling you that he can't be sure of anything, not even of his own existence. I'll give you my secret method of demolishing universal skepticism in four words. Whisper to him: "Your fly is open." If he thinks knowledge is so all-fired impossible, why does he always look? — James Sire (from, The Universe Next Door)

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