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When they read what she wrote on the air last hour it sounded identical to the review I caught Monday morning on REELz........ once is the writer's opinion... more than once starts to smell like talking points.

Mitch McConnell’s lead drops big, Seen as less Conservative than when first elected

By Dan
January 15, 2014

The DC spin machine is doing everything it can to prop up Mitch McConnell, but they can’t hide the facts from anyone willing to take a closer look. McConnell’s ex-chief of staff, now shilling for McConnell at the NRSC, Josh Holmes wants you to believe McConnell has a massive lead. Seriously, they should call him Just Joshing Holmes for his spinning of this latest poll.

Another public poll, another massive lead for McConnell in primary: #KYSEN

    — Josh Holmes (@HolmesJosh) January 14, 2014

Below is via the link to an obvious puff piece at Human Events.  What they don’t want you to know is that not long ago they were touting McConnell as up by a margin of 68% – 21%. In effect, McConnell has dropped 15% since his boys Daysrping and Holmes at the NRSC have started attacking conservatives.

Sen. A. Mitchell “Mitch” McConnell was the choice of 53 percent of respondents compared to 31 percent for Louisville businessman Matthew G. Bevin, said Doug Kaplan, the president of Gravis Marketing, a Florida-based polling company that conducted the poll. The poll carried a margin of error of 4 percent.

Here’s another highlight from this recent poll Team McConnell doesn’t want you to see.

  “I was struck by one thing in the poll in particular,” Dyche said.

    “Less than half of the respondents think McConnell is as conservative today as when he was first elected,” he said. “

His numbers slipping, McConnell did precisely what one would expect from someone who has forgotten why they were elected in the first place and is now all DC all the time – he ran to Jen Rubin at the Washington Post to help him out: McConnell leading big. As expected that piece is also being pushed by Mitch’s midget, I mean, former chief of staff, at the NRSC.

As usual, Rubin is such an obvious idiot she can’t even hide her agenda. All she does is bash conservatives and the very same targets Mitch and his boys told her to. lol So much for credible journalism.

If you think the far-right political machine is more bark than bite, represents only a sliver of even GOP primary voters, is largely a money-making opposition and is harmful to the GOP electoral chances, then you aren’t surprised that the No. 1  target of this crowd, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is leading his tea party challenger Matt Bevin 53 to 31 percent in a recent poll. Republicans backing McConnell suspect the lead may be even greater, although they are wary of setting expectations too high.

In fact, the above sums up Mitch McConnell’s real problem. The Washington Post is now his hometown newspaper and the people of Kentucky are beginning to figure it out.

Political consultant Keith Appell said the poll is still early with time for Bevin to make his move.

    “It’s not quite competitive yet. Bevin has some work to do. But that’s an awful lot of people this early who are ready to go with Bevin instead of McConnell,” said Appell, who is a senior vice-president at Washington-based CRC Public Relations, a firm that works with several conservative public policy, grassroots and issue advocacy clients.

    “The primary will be a referendum on McConnell and whether or not his actions as a Republican leader in Washington match up with what he has promised his constituents back home,” he said.

    “Bevin is not in striking distance yet, but that’s an alarming percentage of opposition to McConnell with four months to go,” he said. “This will likely encourage more conservative and Tea Party groups to ratchet things up in Kentucky and that’ll create more opportunities for Bevin to draw closer.”
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