Author Topic: Schultz shocked: 'For some reason,' dems reluctant to run on Obamacare  (Read 277 times)

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Schultz Shocked: 'For Some Reason,' Dems Reluctant To Run On Obamacare

By Mark Finkelstein

Created 01/14/2014 - 6:00pm


Gee, Ed, do you think that the world's worst rollout and the looming actuarial disaster could have anything to do with it?

 On his MSNBC show today, Ed Schultz seemed shocked that Dems in DC he recently spoke with were reluctant to run on Obamacare. In a moment of comical candor, Schultz admitted: "if you're doing statistics, you're not going to win that battle." Translation: well, yeah, there is that thing about the numbers not adding up. But Ed still urged Dems to run on the "moral component."  Since when is bilking the young and healthy "moral"? View the video after the jump.

Watch Schultz be befuddled by . . . reality.


ED SCHULTZ: I was visiting with some lawmakers last night in Washington. We talked a lot about health care when I was visiting them. I asked them, did they have a problem running on it? There does seem to be, for some reason, a reluctance by Democrats to run home and talk about how positive this health care law is. And I find that very interesting. The moral aspect of this, the moral component to this -- and when you talk to them about voting to take something away from another American, it does resonate with people. If you're doing statistics, you know, you're not going to win that battle, but if you talk about people's lives and the moral component, who can argue with it? It's almost like there's a lack of confidence, like they're not sure this is the right thing to do in front of constituents.
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