Author Topic: Afghanistan Times: 'Obama's War... Yielded Nothing but Collateral Damage'  (Read 236 times)

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by Edwin Mora
President Barack Obama’s war in Afghanistan has been a failure, according to the Afghanistan Times.

In an editorial article, the Afghan news outlet stated, “If we dig deep into [Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert] Gates’ scathing critique, it can be comprehended that Obama’s war in Afghanistan has faltered and yielded nothing but collateral damage.”

“Besides, Obama’s phony commitment to the Afghan war has been so misleading, having inflicted irreparable imprints on Afghanistan. Also, since Obama announced a withdrawal deadline, war and unrest has escalated,” continued the news outlet. “Taliban misconstrued this proclamation as a confession of the US failure, which consequently emboldened those outlaws.”

The Afghanistan Times was referring to comments by former U.S. Defense Secretary Gates in his upcoming book Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War that Obama was not committed to his own war strategy in Afghanistan.

“If the US commander-in-chief is doubtful over [the] outcome of the Afghan war, then his vague strategies will go to no avail, and bloodshed, and above all, lingering hostility and uncertainty will perpetuate. What would be the consequences of such folly? Will Obama’s insincere war on terror succeed? Obama must have calculated his moves wisely with clear conscience before concocting strategies pertaining to Afghanistan,” stated the Afghanistan Times.

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