Author Topic: NYT, WaPo cover "bridgegate:" twic as much as Obama's WWII Memorial shutdown  (Read 217 times)

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NYT, WaPo Cover 'Bridgegate' Twice as Much as Obama's WWII Memorial Shutdown

Coverage of Christie 'crisis' more than double, triple Obama


 Albert Merrick

The George Washington Bridge closings have captured the imaginations, and the headlines, of major media outlets for weeks. The scandal is held as an example of dominant paradigms abusing public power for personal political payback.

But it wasn’t too long ago that another example of public punishment was on display in the political arena, when the Obama administration, as part of the government shutdown, ordered national monuments and memorials shut down. A group of World War II veterans notably protested the closings, bringing the issue publicity.

But a Truth Revolt analysis of news articles in the Washington Post and New York Times revealed that Christie’s closure merited much more coverage than Obama’s.

A Nexis search of the words “Christie” and “bridge” revealed 37 distinct articles about “bridgegate” in the Washington Post. That’s more than double the 16 articles yielded regarding Obama's closure of the war memorial. Included in that 16 were numerous articles characterizing Senator Ted Cruz and other Tea Party protesters as “zealots.”

The New York Times was even more enthusiastic in its coverage of the Christie issue. 48 distinct articles were written about “bridgegate” while the paper covered the war memorial closings less than a third as much, with 15 articles.
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