Author Topic: The liberal and anti-American common core to teach kindergartners about sluts, gang bangs and more  (Read 300 times)

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The Liberal and Anti-American Common Core to teach Kindergarteners about Sluts, Gang Bangs and More

 Posted: January 12, 2014 by AKA John Galt in America   

 Tags: “Make test prep fun”, “sexy bitch, ”, ” a “freak, ” “insane, Barack Obama, Comrad Obama, Crime, Democrats, Evil, free speech, Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Government Lies, idiocracy, Ignorance, Information, liberal gang bangs, liberal hate, liberal lies, liberal stupidity, New York State Education Department “Engage NY”, Porn, threesome or a gang bang?   

via Bretibart:

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) site contained a section called “Make test prep fun,” which directed students to a site with quizzes that help them find out if they are a “sexy bitch,” “evil,” a “freak,” “insane,” etc.

Scrolling down and right on the page, students could also click on the links to take quizzes that would help them find out if they are “sluts,” or “losers.”

Questions on the “Are you a slut?” test include:

How many sexual partners have you had?
 Would you have a threesome or a gang bang?
 Are you often called a slut?
 Have you ever let a boy hump you or grind on you in your younger years?
 Have you ever messed around with brothers, cousins, or some other people related somehow?
 What type of sex do you enjoy/prefer?

Students who wish to find out if they are a “loser” must answer these questions:

Are you a virgin?
 Do you pay to talk to hot girls, and or pay for any female interaction?
 How many times per day do you jerk your dick to porn/female pictures?
 When did you last have sex?
 How much is in your savings and checking?
 What’s the average size of your dick?
 How much time do you spend on femdom sites per day?
 Do you cross dress?
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