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Harry Reid blames Bush for democrat problems
« on: January 11, 2014, 11:29:01 AM »
Harry Reid Blames Bush For Democrat Problems

By Onan Coca   / 10 January 2014   / 92 Comments   

New day, same script – the Democrats have been “leading” our nation for almost 6 years now, and they are still blaming President Bush for our problems. Who keeps voting for these mindless partisan hacks?

Look, I’m not going to sit here and defend President Bush’s legacy. That will have to take care of itself. I do believe that President Bush was too liberal fiscally and that the war in Iraq was a mistake. However, the expiration date on “Bush blame” for our problems is well in the past.

Even Barack Obama didn’t expect the media to give him a pass for our problems for this long.

He expected the Bush blame game to be over and done with by the end of year three. Yet we’re still dealing with it.

First of all, Harry Reid is an idiot. The only people taking him seriously all reside in either Washington, D.C. or Las Vegas, Nevada. And the only reason they listen to him in those places is because their pocketbooks depend on it.

However, his tweet is a mess. Is there anyone who believes that President Bush would have signed off on a “draw-down” without an immense amount of pressure from the Democrats and the media? They demanded he issue a timeline and that the timeline be short. (Again, I am not agreeing/disagreeing with the war in Iraq in general – just with the premise that the problems there today lay at Bush’s feet and not the Democrat Party.) There is no way that if Bush had gotten his way, Iraq would look like it does today. The draw-downs in Iraq and Afghanistan have happened because of war-weariness and pressure from anti-war groups.

The bigger question is, how long will Americans (and the media in particular) allow the Democrats to keep blaming Bush? Whether it’s the economy, or healthcare, or the war on terror – Bush is not the problem anymore. Someone else is calling the shots and it’s the decisions he and his party are making that are creating more problems.

Why is the economy still sluggish? Ask a Democrat and they’re answer will begin like this, “Because Bush…”

oblamoBut the truth is that the economy is still sluggish because the Democrats signed off on the biggest government takeover of the private sector in American history with the Obamacare debacle. Because the Democrats have systematically raised taxes and singlehandedly shrunk the amount of money people are taking home each month. Because Democrat policies have most Americans unsure about their financial future, and consequently, they are unwilling to spend the money it would take to get the economy back on track!

Why are we having so many problems internationally (with Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and pretty much all of Europe)? Ask a Democrat and they’re answer will begin like this, “Because Bush…”

But the truth is that we are having so many problems internationally because we have a schizophrenic foreign policy. President Roosevelt famously said of his foreign policy, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” President Obama’s foreign policy is more akin to “Speak boisterously and forget to carry a stick.” To the rest of the world our President must seem like something of a neutered animal. He is constantly talking about the things he will do, the things he can accomplish, the things that others must listen to… and yet, at the end of the day, he actually does NOTHING. He is all bluff and bluster, he is all hat and no cattle, all bark and no bite, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Stop blaming Bush, Democrats. He has some fault, but the time has passed (if it ever was) where he was the main reason for our problems.


The bigger blame lays at the feet of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party…


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