Author Topic: HERE WE GO AGAIN: TEEN flash mob loots convenience store, twerks in parking lot on way out  (Read 257 times)

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Another convenience store fell victim to a teen flash mob in Bryan, Texas and the looting went on for 20 minutes before it and the twerking was finally over.

We’ve covered several of these over the years and this is just the latest. Each time this hits the news, the people we see are black teenagers. It’s easy to conjecture that there are other ethnicities, including white kids, doing this bad thing, or other things equally as bad, and maybe that’s so. But for the time that we’ve been covering these stories, the people involved are routinely black teenagers.

There is a reason to make note of that fact, and that reason is not “racism”. Wouldn’t that be an easy and convenient answer. No, it’s important because I see it as a symptom of a culture where the family is broken, where kids are raised by the streets rather than loving parents. This could be because they are single parents doing their best, working too many jobs, or it could be more depressing reasons like apathy or resentment or even, yes, government dependence.

I’m sure there are other family situations as well, but what is increasingly missing in African American culture and to a lesser extent, the American culture as a whole, is the notion of a traditional nuclear family, a married mother and father raising their children. That traditional arrangement is fast becoming the exception, not the rule.

Will the media ever report on this? In dribs and drabs maybe, but there are too many forces out there ready to silence the conversation with words like ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’. Heck, I thought the national media was going to have convulsions when they were almost forced to report on the racial component of the knockout game. They just don’t report on this stuff and that makes them part of the problem.

But that’s why we’re here.
Video at link:

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