Author Topic: BUSTED: Muslims Caught In Major Food Stamp Fraud  (Read 266 times)

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BUSTED: Muslims Caught In Major Food Stamp Fraud
« on: January 09, 2014, 07:39:14 PM »
The waste the Obama administration produces is abysmal on all accounts. So when we hear that fraud only furthers the wasteful spending—intentional or not—it’s really quite frustrating.  Two Muslim men have been arrested after authorities found them defrauding the food stamp system and contributing to the already staggering $3 billion lost every year because of such fraud.

An Ohio duo was busted lately after authorities were tipped off to the two’s wrong doings.  After a little investigative work, undercover police were able to easily prove that the two were guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Mohammed Aqel and Ahmad Hijazi were known throughout the area to buy food stamp benefits from people.  The “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” scheme works bi-fold.  It gives welfare recipients the opportunity to trade their “free” government handouts designated only for food away, for cash—a much more versatile form of currency allowing the food stamp recipients to buy whatever they please.  The people they trade with, in turn, get to purchase groceries at an extremely discounted rate.

Police reported that undercover state agents were able to sell three EBT—or food stamp—cards to the men for a little over $100 over the last few weeks. The EBT cards however were worth at least five times that much totaling over $500 worth of benefits—a.k.a. hard earned tax payer money.
Needless to say, the two fully drained the cards as police say they either, “bought groceries for their own homes or stocked the shelves at the business.”

Because the store didn’t have a food stamp license it was pretty clear that they didn’t have a right to be dealing with the cards in the first place.  Since then, the two have been arrested and are facing felony charges–because of this, they’re also in danger of having their liquor license pulled.

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