Author Topic: 24 Underreported Democrat Scandals That Make News Media's 'Bridgegate Mania' Look Like a Joke  (Read 185 times)

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Whatever happened in New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie in regards to the already-infamous “bridgegate,” the open gloating by the media over the unacceptable behavior of the Republican governor’s staffers is extremely revealing.

Regardless of one’s views on Governor Chris Christie, this coordinated political feeding frenzy is liberal hypocrisy at its finest. Take a look at some of these over-the-top headlines:

Here are 25 underreported stories that most news media barely reported on, or blew by as quickly as possible because Democrats are involved.

1. Fast & Furious
2. Benghazi
3. IRS Targeting Scandal
4. AP/Fox News Tracking
5. ObamaCare’s No-Bid Website
6. NSA Scandal
7.  Weinergate
8. Spitzer Prostitution Scandal
9. Jon Edwards’ Infidelity
10. Chris Dodd – Countrywide Scandal
11. GSA Scandal
12. IRS Waste
13. Solyndra/ Green Energy
14. Charlie Rangel
15. Maxine Waters – Banking
16. Tony Rezko
17. Fannie Mae
18. Jon Corzine – MF Global
19. Geithner Tax Evasion
20. Jesse Jackson Jr.
21. David Wu
22. David Paterson
23. Eric Mass
24. Tom Donilon – National Security Leaks

More of article at link:

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Just wait for the debates.. when he says something another person will jump in and say "if you believe that I have a bridge in New Jersery for you"  it will be downright popcorn worthy viewing.
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