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ObamaCare, Obama Support Hit Record Lows In New Poll
« on: January 09, 2014, 06:43:35 PM »

ObamaCare, Obama Support Hit Record Lows In New Poll

Posted 05:40 PM ET

One in five Democrats now opposes ObamaCare, a record high, according to the latest IBD/TIPP Poll. And more than one in six Democrats now say they want it repealed, another new high.

Overall, 55% of the public oppose the law, the highest since IBD/TIPP started asking this question in 2010. Just 37% support ObamaCare, matching a record low.

And while support for outright repeal of the law inched down in January, that was because it fell among Republicans and independents. Among Democrats, support for repeal jumped 4 points.

ObamaCare is also clearly driving down President Obama's approval rating, which dropped to just 38% in January from 43% in November. Among Democrats, Obama's approval has dropped 10 points since November.

Obama also has fallen to record lows in the IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index. At 42.6, his support is lower than President George W. Bush's in the wake of his administration's poor handling of Hurricane Katrina.

These falling approval ratings come even as the public is generally more upbeat about the economy and direction of the country, according to the Jan. 4-7 survey of 901 people.

Other ominous ObamaCare findings from the January IBD/TIPP Poll:

Nearly two in five (39%) worry they will lose access to their doctors because of the law.

Just 31% think the government can be trusted to run the health care system successfully.

One in 10 says they or someone in their household had their work hours cut, and 4% say they lost their jobs, due to ObamaCare.

Hoping to revive his and his party's political fortunes, Obama is embarking on a campaign to focus public attention on poverty and income inequality.

The White House has recently floated various proposals — extended unemployment benefits, a minimum-wage hike, more spending on roads. On Thursday, Obama formally designated five cities as "Promise Zones."

But ObamaCare's troubles are unlikely to leave the stage anytime soon.

Enrollment figures have so far come in far short of administration forecasts. And the White House still hasn't released an age breakdown for those who signed up via the federal exchange.

Exchange Woes Continue

State data show ObamaCare enrollment is skewing decidedly older, despite massive campaigns targeting the young. That will spell trouble for the sustainability of the exchanges.

In addition, many who signed up for an ObamaCare plan may face unexpectedly high out-of-pocket costs from large deductibles and co-pays, or struggle with limits on the doctors or hospitals they can use, in addition to high premiums.

The administration itself is worried about the fallout from such stories. An Oct. 28 memo warned of negative media coverage because "in some cases there will be fewer options than would be desired (and) relatively high-cost plans."

And while Obama delayed the ObamaCare employer mandate until 2015, companies will have to start making plans to comply with it this year. That could lead to waves of stories about hours being cut, jobs eliminated, or workplace health benefits canceled just before the November's midterm elections.

Another round of rate shocks could emerge in the fall, when insurers start announcing 2015 premiums, if too few young people sign up for coverage this year.

Plus, the GOP fully intends to keep pounding Democrats over the head with ObamaCare failures in hopes of recapturing control of the Senate and expanding its majority in the House.

On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee announced radio ads attacking a dozen Democrats in competitive races, focusing on Obama's phony "keep your plan" promise that these Democrats had repeated.

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