Author Topic: Gun Company Rejects $15M Deal With Pakistan Over Concern For U.S. Troops  (Read 264 times)

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At least someone is concerned about potentially arming terrorists.  As we reported earlier, the Obama Administration obviously doesn’t, since they’ve given contracts worth millions to corporations with links to the Taliban.

Remember, this president also armed the Muslim Brotherhood which has been named a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government and even armed the allies of Al Qaeda in Syria.  In the Fast and Furious scandal, Obama put assault riles into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  Unbelievable.

Some people in our country take seriously the safety of US troops.  In fact, one gun company is going so far as to reject a huge deal with Pakistan because they are afraid the guns might end up in the wrong hands and be used to kill American soldiers.  Good for them.

A Utah company named Desert Tech decided to walk away from a potential $15 million deal because the large number of military veterans who work for the company expressed concern that the precision rifles that they were selling would end up in the wrong hands.

This just goes to show that it’s not always just about the money.  Businesses do often make decisions based on ethical standards.  This is a great example. reports:
“It was a hard decision, but we feel it was the right decision,” Desert Tech Sales Manager Mike Davis said. “Basically it was just our company’s stance and we were sticking with our founding principles, and that was to keep the American troops safe, that’s all the decision really was about.”

Good for them.  We should see this happen more often among military contractors.  If you know the arms you’re selling could likely end up in the wrong hands and harming US troops, you have an ethical obligation to your country to end all business transactions that would hurt soldiers and our national interest.

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Re: Gun Company Rejects $15M Deal With Pakistan Over Concern For U.S. Troops
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Good. The mentality of this company needs to be associated with patriotic, national security "conservatism."
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