Author Topic: Long Term Preps: It Takes A Village  (Read 700 times)

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Long Term Preps: It Takes A Village
« on: January 08, 2014, 04:02:53 PM »
Sorry. Just reminded you of Hillary. My bad there. Please accept my assurances that it was entirely intentional, this section doesn't get too many views. Yet there is a grain of truth in the title, regardless, and it is one of the more difficult balancing acts in being prepared.

Standard rule for prepping: Prep and keep your mouth shut. Make sure your kids keep their mouths shut. If people don't know you have it, they won't try to take it. It's both totally sensible and advisable for short term scenarios. In a longer term scenario though .... it's lethal for several reasons.

You can't do everything.

Look, I don't care how skilled and talented you are. No one can do everything. Michelangelo, widely regarded as a bit of a genius, needed to be reminded to wash occasionally. Einstein, the definition of genius so pervasive that his name has become an insult, couldn't cook. There is a million and one things to do on a homestead, and chances are you can't do them all. You are out plowing. Who's watching your back? Your partner? Nope, they are splitting wood or hauling water or putting up food for the long, cold winters. Your kids? Sure, they may be the next incarnation of Annie Oakley, but while they are doing that, the weeds are growing, crops aren't getting picked and they sure as heck aren't learning to read and figure.

You will begin to hate your family.

We're a social species, in the main. Most comfortable in a pack. More like wolves than sheep, really, but there is a real, tangible comfort in a small crowd. If you don't have that, you are snowed in at the Overlook Hotel. Cabin fever, it's often called. Seeing the same three faces, day after day, night after night. Knowing what they are going to say before they say it. The same old disagreements cropping up any time something stressing happens, which is most days.
Think of it in the terms of a deployed squad. There is a reason they don't deploy to a forward base and sit there. They rotate. Out, tour, back to main base, out to different base, back to main base, on leave. It keeps you fresh. You won't have that luxury and it will grind your nerves to a fine powder.

Your kids will be at a disadvantage.

Remember above? Who teaches your kids/grandkids. It won't be you, for more than the basics. You'll be too tired most of the time. "Earth Abides" is a wonderful novel that goes into this in some sort of depth, so I'll not rehash it here. If you want a semi factual look at it, dig out the "Little House on the Prairie" books. All of them, not just the titular one.

You'll be constantly in fear.

I don't care if you are 7 foot tall with shoulders 2 axe handles wide, covered in hair and able to chew nails and spit tacks. You are going to be constantly frightened. It's all up to you.
Of course, it isn't, but you'll feel that way. Your family depend on you. One badly falling tree, a fall through creek ice, a buck deciding he doesn't like you, a jar of slightly off preserves - all will put you out of action for days, if not weeks. Fear paralyzes. You'll want to do less and less, simply because your family is depending on you.

That is what the good Lord invented neighbors for!!!

For really long term survival, you need enough people to not just do the work needed to keep body together, but also the work needed to keep soul together. The right balance of trust and skills is important.
That can wait for another day.

Thank you for reading!

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Re: Long Term Preps: It Takes A Village
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2014, 04:19:13 PM »
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