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If someone acts out violently they do so as an individual and should be apprehended and charged criminally... But police act under the auspices of the law and should they engage in an act of brutality, their crime is worse. There's no excuse for this kind of behavior. None. And I am furious at this.

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Why anyone would be shocked at that is beyond me.  That is how most cops act when they think no one's watching them.

How can we tell?  Because the one proto-fascist on the right-hand side of the picture - the one with the glasses - looks right into the camera several times without any concern whatsoever, in fact, at one point he appears to be smiling at the camera briefly.  In other words, these cops knew they were being filmed and they weren't in the least concerned about it; that can only mean that what they were doing was considered acceptable behaviour for cops.  That's further supported by the fourth cop who walks up in the middle of things, who doesn't seem to have been involved with this group before, and yet isn't the least bit concerned about the fact that there's a half-naked, incoherent prisoner lying on the floor and three cops standing over him laughing it up.

These sub-humans aren't the exception, they're the norm.

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