Author Topic: Benghazi mom: ‘Why won’t Hillary talk?’  (Read 299 times)

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Benghazi mom: ‘Why won’t Hillary talk?’
« on: January 07, 2014, 08:35:24 PM »

Benghazi mom: ‘Why won’t Hillary talk?’ [VIDEO]
5:36 PM 01/07/2014
Brendan Bordelon

The mother of an American killed during the terrorist attack in Benghazi continues to pressure top Obama administration officials — particularly former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — for answers.

“If it’s not Hillary, why doesn’t somebody tell me something?” she asked Tuesday on Fox News.

Patricia Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, an American diplomat killed along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and two U.S. security personnel during an attack on a U.S. consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya.

Smith has repeatedly sought an explanation from the federal government for her son’s death, asking why the State Department denied requests for additional security and why military forces within range of the battle were ordered to stand down.

Her requests have been repeatedly ignored, starting in April 2013 and continuing through last fall, when Democratic lawmakers walked out during her testimony before the House Oversight Committee. Smith and other aggrieved families are now demanding House Speaker John Boehner appoint a special committee to investigate the attacks, delivering a letter to the speaker’s office on Monday.

The grieving mother held out hope that a special congressional investigation could compel those that know the truth to testify.

“We would get answers!” she said. “From what I can understand, Hillary is the one person that can give me answers as to what happened with my son. She has not been required to answer anything, she just sits there and says she doesn’t want to talk about it. And she’s not being made to say it.”

“I want to know what happened to my son,” she asserted. “I want to know why she did not give any security. Eight times they asked, eight times — and I know that because my son called me and told me that — and there was no security. They called back the security that was there.”

“Why won’t Hillary talk?” she later lamented. “She’s the one that’s running for president, she wants to be president. She has to give me answers!”

Smith admitted she doesn’t know Hillary Clinton’s exact role in the controversy, but as the head of the State Department she is forced to assume her involvement “only because I’ve gotten no other information. If it’s not Hillary, why doesn’t somebody tell me something?”

Smith said that despite the government stonewalling, her demands are simple.

“I’m acting as a mother asking what happened to her son,” she claimed. “Why didn’t they have his back like they promised. … I want them to stand up and say, ‘I blew it! I shouldn’t have made that decision.’ But it was made, and my son is dead, and nothing has been done since then. I’m so terrified that the rest of our sons and daughters are going to be sent out there with no backup and nobody watching their back.”

The grieving mother is realistic about the prospect of getting the truth behind the attacks.

“If they want to cover it all up, then I suppose I won’t find out anything,” she stated. “But I wake up every morning with the thought that I probably was talking to my son and he’s saying ‘Go for it, Mom!’ So I’m going for it.”

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