Author Topic: Ohio driver stopped for speeding arrested with 50 BOMBS in his car and blueprints for Navy SEALS training facility  (Read 346 times)

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A man stopped for speeding in central Ohio was charged with illegally making or possessing an explosive device after nearly 50 bombs and four guns were discovered in his vehicle.

Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, was arrested late New Year's Day on Interstate 70 west of Columbus.

Investigators found two pistols, two rifles, 48 explosive devices and tools and materials to make additional explosives. Also inside was a remote detonating device, Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins said.

Officials are trying to determine why the man had the cache of weapons and bombs. He is being held on $1million bond pending a court hearing Friday in Madison County.

According to the state trooper who stopped him for going 85mph in a 70mph zone, Boguslawski said he had no weapons.

However, the officer returned with a ticket and saw the handle of a gun between the man's knees.

‘At that point, he drew his service weapon, held the man there and called for backup,’ said Adkins.
Boguslawski told authorities he has an attorney, but none was listed on the court docket.

Adkins said a $1million bond set for the defendant reflected the possible risk to the public.

Boguslawski was stopped on I-70 in Madison County just before midnight on New Year's Day for going about 15mph over the speed limit.

Yikes anyone hear about this? Wow I would think it would have made some news here. . 
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Is this guy a member of Obama's admin?

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Is this guy a member of Obama's admin?

They must at least know who he voted for.

Otherwise it would have made the news......
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LONDON, Ohio, Jan. 7 (UPI) -- An Indiana man pulled over for speeding in Ohio had 48 bombs and four guns in his car, authorities allege.
Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, Morris Hill, has been jailed on $1 million bond since his New Year's Day arrest on a count of illegal manufacture or processing of explosives. He is to appear in court Friday for a preliminary hearing, the Madison Press in London, Ohio, reported Monday.

"I think there is a significant risk to the public," Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins said, referring the high bond. "Until we can sort through the facts of this case, and what we have here and what his intent was, it is necessary to keep the public safe."

Boguslawski was stopped by state troopers while westbound on Interstate 70 in Madison County for allegedly driving 85 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone.

Adkins said Trooper William Davis took notice of several bumper stickers on Boguslawski's car, including one stating, "If you can read this, you're in range," and asked him if there were any weapons in the vehicle.

Boguslawski allegedly answered no and Davis stepped away to write a ticket, the Madison Press reported. When the trooper returned to Boguslawski's car he spotted the handle of a gun between the man's knees, Adkins said.

"At that point, he drew his service weapon, held the man there and called for backup," said Adkins.

A subsequent search turned up the four weapons, 48 explosive devices, and tools and materials to make more bombs, Adkins said.

"Most concerning to me was that they found a remote detonating device," Adkins said.

"The majority of the devices, I would not classify as high tech, but some of the devices were set up to be activated with the remote detonator."

Adkins said Boguslawski, who didn't make any statement to investigators, works at a training facility for Navy SEALs in Indiana and does not have "any real criminal history."

Investigators were trying to determine why he had the bombs and were "looking for a link to any known terrorist operations and to identify the intended target."
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