Author Topic: Palestinian Official: Eliminate Israel in 'Stages'  (Read 263 times)

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Palestinian Official: Eliminate Israel in 'Stages'
« on: January 07, 2014, 01:31:20 PM »

As Secretary of State John Kerry continues to press Israel to make additional concessions for the sake of peace, a senior Palestinian official has reiterated what clear-eyed observers have known for years: that the Palestinian Authority has no intention of living side-by-side with Israel. Rather, Palestinian leaders hope to use a state on the 1967 borders as a stepping stone towards Israel's ultimate destruction--the so-called "strategy of stages."

In a 2011 interview recently unearthed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the official, Abbas Saki, told a Syrian television station: "Even the most extreme among us, Hamas, or the fighting forces, want a state within the '67 borders. Afterward, we [will] have something to say, because the inspiring idea cannot be achieved all at once. [Rather] in stages." Saki is thought to be close to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, according to PMW.

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