Author Topic: What's wrong with this picture? The flood of African (mostly) Muslim illegal aliens must pass through Egypt and Sinai before they get to Israel  (Read 277 times)

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I don't blame them for going to Israel or Jordan. Despite the news, they are safe places - far safer than where most of them came from. Jordan may be safe enough and I do love the people, but being black in Jordan is a bit like being black in the deep South in the 1920's. Not exactly a comfortable spot!

Israel, on the other hand, is one of the few truly colour blind societies I know of. The vast majority of refugees settle in and work and are damned grateful to their host country. There is a bit of separation - think of New York in the 20's (again) with Italians, Irish, Germans, and Russians in their own little areas. Takes a generation or so to settle in. Some bad apples should not change that. Like all bad apples, they should be judged and thrown away if they are rotten.
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