Author Topic: CAIR sends its litigation Jihadists to threaten an Oregon church food bank for not having halal food  (Read 242 times)

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If there are muslim food banks, do they have kosher food available?


CAIR sends its Litigation Jihadasts to threaten an Oregon Church Food Bank for not having halal food

Unknown-1This is a CAIR set-up if ever there was one. Lionel, allegedly a ‘non-Muslim,’ was refused service at the church food bank when he tried to demand halal (Islam-approved) food for a Muslim woman and her son. It all started when Lionel ‘volunteered’ with a church that distributes food to the poor through an Oregon food bank.

CAIR-Seattle  To get a feel for the place, Lionel visited the church to see how the food was distributed to the clients. The church manager, John, asked Lionel if he would greet clients as they entered the church. While greeting clients, Lionel met a woman and her son. The woman did not speak English, but her son did. Since the woman was wearing hijab, Lionel was able to identify her as a Muslim woman.


When talking with the family, Lionel realized the food that was being served to them did not follow halal dietary restrictions. Lionel recognized this and informed the family of the discrepancy. The family was stunned. They had not known that they had not been getting halal food in the past. (Gee, how could they possible think that a Christian Food Bank would NOT be serving halal food?) Lionel assured that he would be able to get the family food that was in compliance with halal dietary needs, and went to the kitchen to look for that food.

imagesIn the kitchen, Lionel was searching for halal foods when John, the church manager, began screaming at him. John told Lionel to “get out of here” because “that’s not how we do things here.” John yelled at Lionel in front of everyone in the church, including the Muslim woman and her son. (At a Muslim food bank, you cannot get anything but halal food)

A few days later, Lionel wrote John a long letter (authored by CAIR, no doubt) demanding an apology because he felt embarrassed and harassed for being yelled at in front of the entire church and the Muslim woman and her son. The letter also included a CAIR pamphlet on halal dietary restrictions so that John would start following halal dietary needs when distributing foods.

Lionel then went back to the food bank as a client. John, the manager, pulled Lionel aside to inform him that the church had a right to refuse service to anyone, and was denying Lionel service because of his past actions when he was a volunteer.


John called CAIR-WA to report the incident and to receive advice about how to make sure that halal dietary requirements are being met by food distributors.  CAIR-WA sent a letter to the food bank on behalf of Lionel requesting the food bank  ensure that their partners in food distribution are adhering to the dietary needs of the Muslim community. (Why isn’t the mosque giving out food to their own kind?)

Because of intimidation tactics by the CAIR thugs, the food bank has initiated an investigation into the church for its possible discrimination against Muslim clients in the way that it gives out food, in an effort to make it easier for the Muslim community to receive public goods that follow their dietary needs. In addition, the food bank is investigating wrongdoing on part of the manager, John, for denying service to Lionel, and clarifying the policy for denying service to future clients. (Idiots)

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