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Jesse Jackson, Sr. Praises Dennis Rodman’s ‘Diplomacy’ with North Korean Madman

January 7, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

Known race baiter Jesse Jackson, Sr. recently went even further than most would think his lack of moral principles would lead him. He tweeted praises to Dennis Rodman for the ‘diploacy’ that he has done in North Korea. That work includes befriending madman Kim Jung Un. You know, the guy who reportedly, yet unconfirmed, threw his uncle naked into a pit with 120 dogs and watched him be eaten alive. Regardless how this execution happened, the fact of the matter is that Un did have his uncle killed.

Jesse Jackson 1

While his initial tweet of outward praise was deleted, Jackson made sure to follow that up with a tweet to, at the very least, give some props to Rodman.

Jesse Jackson 2

Interestingly enough, Jackson’s tweet hours before his praise of Rodman for his ‘diplomacy’ in North Korea was for the less fortunate.

Jesse Jackson 3
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