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New Obama Attack On First Amendment: President Secretly Signs Bill Limiting Free Speech, Sign Of Things To Come
By Joseph R. Carducci on December 30, 2013 Subscribe to Joseph R. Carducci's Feed

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The Obama Regime has been intent on targeting both the second and first amendments since they came to power. We have seen these attacks and attempts over and over again. Fortunately, most of them were thwarted and prevented by those in the Congress who actually still believe in things like free speech and the rights of the people being guaranteed by our Constitution. Sadly, it looks as if all this is changing for the worse.

This new bill, HR 347, was pushed through Congress in such a way that it allowed for little discussion or debate and objection from either side. In fact, most members were probably already gone for the holiday recess. At any rate, HR 347 was signed by Obama and is now law. This may signify at least the beginning of the end for Americans being able to legally express themselves and their opinion freely under the 1st Amendment. This law will now allow the Secret Service to arrest anyone that is publicly protesting within their vicinity.

The Secret Service will now be able to dictate public demonstrations and how they are to be run. This also includes anyone under Secret Service protection to be able to dictate demonstrations. Anyone who is found to be in violation of this law to be arrested and charged with a felony, potentially subject to over a year in prison.

This new law gives rather broad powers to the Secret Service and those under their protection. They essentially get to control the atmosphere anywhere they decide to go. You could potentially show up on a public street somewhere near where the president is going to be speaking or in attendance. Simply hold up a sign, or say something that the SS, I mean the Secret Service, doesn’t like and you could be hauled off to jail.


While this is certainly not the first attack the Obama Regime has perpetrated on the Constitution, this just may be one of the boldest. This violation is clearly against the Constitution and not something that they were in the right to do. What is even scarier now about this is where it could lead. After all, if the president now feels that he can get away with this, why not try to expand things? How about more restrictions upon negative speech regarding the president? Maybe we can start to limit or curtail the press, as well? Then, online posts and blogs that are going against the president may have to be eliminated as well (I guess I would be in trouble here).

There is already NSA spying, so this could even possibly be used in conjunction with those programs. It is not too far-fetched to imagine one day in the next few years, that the SS (I mean Secret Service) agents would literally just show up at your door ready to grab and haul you away to jail. I guess the charge could be something like being a menace to society, or a thorn in the side of the president. After all, our community organizer in chief simply cannot take all the criticism. Proud, but with a very thin skin, what a combination!

HR 347 is a clear violation of our Constitutional rights. This limits our free speech, the right to assemble peacefully, and even to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

What do YOU think? Is this a sign of greater violations of our rights to come? Will Obama be getting more and more desperate in 2014 and beyond?
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